The Benefits of a Garden Office

Garden offices are becoming increasingly popular within property enhancement as many people who are self-employed, or who are freelance professionals in their spare time, are choosing to have an area dedicated to their profession. By installing a garden office in their own garden, they have an easily accessible and clearly defined space to work, away from the distractions that home life can bring.

Financial Benefits of a Garden Office

The financial benefits of having a garden office are well reported. The money that you will save in petrol costs alone would make the office pay for itself in under a year. In addition to this, there are no hidden costs similar to those you would face if you decided to extend your home or convert your loft. Our transparent purchasing process means you can see exactly how much you are paying.

The tax advantages of having a garden office are also significant, with some employers choosing to purchase your garden office for you via ‘Salary Sacrifice’. They pay for the office and then you give them an element of your salary until you have paid the loan off and you own the office. In some cases, you can offset your garden office against Corporation Tax, as this changes per person, ensure that you check with your local authority to ensure you are filling your tax returns correctly.

Benefits of a Garden Office

A Dedicated Work Space

By having a space that is dedicated solely to work, that has our luxurious timber finish, you add an extra air of professionalism to your business. It makes a statement to clients that you take your work seriously enough to invest in it, so they should too.

Increasing space in your home by moving the work materials into their own designated space will help set and maintain clear boundaries between where you live and where you work. There is no reason to not treat your home and work life like they are completely separate, even if there are only a mere few yards keeping you apart.

Our spacious garden office range means that you can choose the office to suit you whether you work on your own or you need an office suitable for entertaining visiting clients. With our double glazed windows and insulated SIP roof and floor panels, the sounds of the house will not infiltrate the office during your chosen working hours, meaning you can manage your own workload whilst never missing crucial family time.

Although needing a lot of self-discipline to avoid ‘lazy days’, working from home has been proven to be more productive than when you are working at the office, as there are fewer distractions than there are in the office. Ensure that you remain vigilant with your time and stick to your own deadlines. It is easy to become content and keep telling yourself that ‘you will do it tomorrow’, work like you would in an office.

Our garden offices range is quick build so once it is up, you are ready to go! There really should be nothing stopping you.


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