5 Reasons to Start up in a Log Cabin

In a world of technological advancement, social media, online advertising you easily can turn your passion into a profit. Now is the time to start your business. You could do this in your own home but, can you ignore the distractions and focus?

However, between housework, walking the dog and seeing my family, very little work actually gets done. For that reason, people are choosing to buy a Log Cabin as a designated space for work.

Cut Costs

Although the Log Cabin itself may primarily seem like a big investment, you will quickly make your money back. From traveling to nipping to the shop at lunchtime. If you are already self-employed and renting a space, rent.

An easy example is your travel expenses. If like me, you drive to work you will know that petrol/diesel is expensive. I spend, on average, £40 a week on fuel – that’s £160 a month. £1,920 a year. That’s before I add the extra vitals I need like new tyres, oil, water, car tax, and insurance. It can all add up to quite a substantial amount. Working from home, you won’t use your car nearly as much.

Task: Whilst at work this week write down everything you spend on travel, food, drinks, office birthdays and fundraisers, etc. Let me know how much it all comes too – you’ll definitely be shocked
Getting better with time

An article in the Daily Express investigating the time the average Brits commute time has risen from 45 minutes to 54 minutes a day. Now, a very basic calculation shows that this is 270 minutes a week and 13,770 annually. This is a whopping 229 hours a year wasted, as you commute at the beginning and end of a working day. It is your personal time gradually reducing. As there are rarely traffic jams in your back lawn, the addition of a Log Cabin office to your garden gives you at least an hour extra a day to either fit additional tasks. Things you seem to never get done, play with the children, spend quality time with your partner. Or, if you are like me, sleep!
No distractions

Mum, can I have? Mum, he pushed me! Then a few minutes later, mum, I’m just having a few friends over! It is easy to become distracted when working from home either from your children demanding attention, household chores or unannounced visitors to name a few. It can be hard, both for yourself and your family, to switch into ‘work mode’ when not physically going to an office. By giving yourself a designated space where you have to leave your house, albeit just a few feet away, you can easily switch between ‘work’ and ‘home’ mode.

Create Your Own Space

Have you ever tried to focus in a full house? Put something down only to find that it’s moved five minutes later? An important letter on the table that somehow has coffee stains on now? By choosing to work from a Log Cabin instead of an office, you can create a space unique to you and your working needs rather than having to slot into the office dynamic.  The environment you work in can affect your mood and, in turn, your results which are never good if you are self-employed.

Take the time to decorate your office in a way that will not only represent your business but that will make your workspace more comfortable for you. Our Log Cabins are designed to be cool in the summer and warm in the winter but the addition of a radiator or air con may make all the difference for you. If you’re a snacker, add a mini fridge to stop the urge of returning to the house (we all know once you’ve sat on a sofa, the thought of returning to work is impossible)

Better Home/Work Balance

Over time, meetings, and calls requesting last-minute attendances are all inevitable when you work in an office. It can be difficult to juggle working hours, a home, pets, kids, partners, friends, and hobbies all at once. Being self-employed allows you to make your own hours. If an emergency does come up where you have to go into the office, it’s just a stone’s throw away. I’m not saying you will be able to fit absolutely everything into your day (our cabins don’t have superpowers) but you’ll have a lot more time to do things. Early afternoon finish on a Friday anyone?

Many of our customers have started very successful companies from Log Cabins or Garden Offices at the bottom of their garden. If you’ve been thinking about it but are unsure, now is the time.


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