Log Cabins A Space to Create

A Log Cabin from Dunster House is the ideal choice to provide a space to create a room dedicated to your hobbies or business. If you are in need of extra space, then it is the perfect solution, whatever your interest may be. A garden building is an extension to the home, providing you with more room, and potentially freeing up areas of your house. Now you can use that spare bedroom as a guest room.

If you have an array of hobbies taking over your home and need more room to store everything, and still have enough space to work, then an outdoor building is a fantastic idea to help you stay organised. Whether it be arts and crafts, sewing, a photography studio, writing hut, or somewhere to store your valuable collections or memorabilia, a garden room can be used for a variety of purposes. Free your house from any clutter and maximise your outdoor living space.

Space to Create a Home Office (Work Space)

If you work from home but lack the space to create a separate office room, or do not have a spare bedroom to convert into a study, then building a garden office could be the answer. It means you can reclaim the kitchen table that has been repurposed as a desk, or no more having to live with the computer buzzing noisily in the corner of the living room, taking up much needed space.

A Space to Create Extra Room for Your Home - Log Cabin Garden Building Office Shed Summerhouse Studio

A dedicated home office building in the garden allows you to maintain a balance between your home life and work so they can remain completely separate. It provides somewhere to keep your paperwork tidy, and important files away from the children. Lock yourself in your own room to work in peace and quiet, away from any disruptions or distractions in the house.

Space to Create a Home Gym

If you are keen on keeping fit and healthy and are a regular visitor to the gym, you could create your own exercise area at home. This would save you money on paying out for costly gym membership fees. If you find it an effort having to get up early in the mornings or are fed up of returning home late after work in order to keep up with your workout regime, you may be inclined to exercise more with the convenience of the home gym being right on your doorstep. So why not turn a log cabin into your very own gym!

Being in your own garden means no being surrounded by sweaty strangers, or waiting for your favourite exercise machine to become available to use at a busy overcrowded gym.

There will be no feeling self conscious about your body or sporting abilities. You can go at your own pace without feeling intimidated by others, or under pressure from professional trainers.

With its wide double doors, it would be much easier to move large and heavy items into a garden cabin than it would be to set up gym equipment inside the house. A garden cabin could also provide you with adequate floor space for an online aerobics session or Pilates class, without having to rearrange the furniture.

Space to Create a Games Room

Garden buildings come in many sizes, so can be plenty big enough to fit in a pool table, table football, arcade machines or ping pong table. It could be a den for the children so they have their own space to play and socialise with their friends. It gives teenagers a bit of privacy, and gives you peace of mind that they are close by so not getting up to too much trouble.

A Space to Create Extra Room for Your Home - Log Cabin Garden Building Games Room Shed Summerhouse Studio

Not just for young people though, this could just as easily be used as space to create a man cave for you to enjoy too. You are able to play whenever you want in the comfort of your own home surroundings, with no need to travel to a noisy bar or crowded sports club. A garden room gives you the opportunity to have the games room you have always dreamed of, but could not afford to lose precious space to.

Space to Create a Pub Shed

Build your own pub or bar in the garden and you can entertain guests, host gatherings for friends and family, or throw a party at home. There will be no having to pay expensive drinks prices or club entrance fees, and no costly taxi fares or need for a designated driver to get you home safely, as you will already be there.

Using your outdoor space to create your own garden bar also means you do not have to worry about what the unpredictable weather is doing, as people can stay covered and remain dry inside the garden building. Plus, confining partygoers to the garden will keep the inside of your house clean and free from any mess.

Find out how to you truly create your very own man cave.

A Space to Create Extra Room for Your Home - Log Cabin Garden Building Pub Shed Garden Bar Summerhouse

Dunster House offers a wide range of Log Cabins in various sizes and designs. You should have no trouble finding something to fit the space in your garden and fulfil your requirements.

Our garden buildings offer high quality at great value and have a number of unique features, many of which you will not find anywhere else. This includes toughened glass in the windows and doors, secure domestic style multi-point locking systems, adjustable storm braces and the tallest door walkthrough height on the market. The floor and pressure treated floor bearers are included in the price, along with all fixings needed for construction.

View a collection of our Case Studies for inspiration and ideas on how to make use of and decorate your log cabin garden room. Utilise your space to create your own sanctuary.


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