All About Foundation Systems


Welcome to a one-stop guide covering the basics all about foundation systems. Any garden building needs a suitable base to sit on, so let us talk you through concrete bases and grid systems.

Whether you are choosing to install the base yourself or getting a local builder to come in to lay it the key thing to remember is that the foundation must be – level, flat and square.

Concrete Base 

Commonly concrete is the go-to foundation for a garden room however, there are other options out there if you do not wish to use concrete. You will find that people choose to opt for concrete as it is the most solid foundation and won’t cause you any problems down the line.

The foundation system is essentially the bed that the garden building is going to lie on for years on years. As humans, as soon as we feel discomfort from a bed there comes problems from back pain, aching, tiredness etc. This is the same for a garden building. Where we feel aches and pains, the garden building won’t settle.

When it comes to laying down a concrete foundation we suggest adding an additional 100mm to the perimeter, as this will ensure that there is definitely going to be enough space available. Creating a concrete base that is exactly the same size as the garden building will be there is no room for errors if any were made.


You purchased – Severn Log Cabin 5m x 3m (approx)

Base size – 5.2m x 3.2m (approx)

All About Foundation Systems - Log Cabin

RapidGrid Foundation System 

If the budget is tight you may want to consider RapidGrid System – a cost-effective, environmentally friendly alternative. There is far less ground excavated and this foundation system doesn’t impact the surrounding soil.

All About Foundation Systems RapidGrid System

RapidGrid System is made up of a heavy-duty plastic and weed control membrane. They simply interlock into one another like a giant puzzle. Overall, once pieced together it makes a strong, durable alternate base.

If you have chosen to go with the RapidGrid system for your base, there are a couple of things to consider. When laying the Rapid Grid the holes need to be filled with pea shingle type stones, which can easily be found at a local builders merchant or hardware store. Pea shingle stones are used for many different purposes from attractive landscaping to practical reasons like filling the holes of RapidGrid.

The RapidGrid system can only be purchased with log cabins or garden sheds. It is an easy DIY system that can be laid in a matter of days. This system can be added to your purchase under foundation options, which will then be delivered on the same day as the log cabin or garden shed.

This ‘All About Foundation Systems’ guide gives an overview of the two types of foundations we highly recommend. If we haven’t answered some of your questions, or you are still undecided, our sales team is happy to help on 01234 272445.

*This is an example and shouldn’t be taken literally. Take the specific measures of your chosen garden building, not the approximate measures, and that will give you the correct base size.


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