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Composting toilets are the ideal sanitation solution for locations without access to running water or sewer systems. This could be an allotment, campsite, glamping site, golf course, festival or in the garden. A composting toilet is the ecological choice for a public toilet at an outdoor event. They are perfect for creating an outdoor toilet that’s quick and easy to build and install without the hassles of any plumbing work.

Another huge benefit of a composting toilet is that they are eco-friendly and great for sustainable living. They provide a safe and effective way to save resources, money and energy, plus help to prevent pollution. Composting toilets use a waterless toilet system, so help reduce wasted water due to over flushing.

We have a selection of Eco Composting Toilets available in our vast range of home, garden and lifestyle products.

Our WPC Toilet and Arctic Toilet have a modern design, and are made from wood polymer composite (WPC) walls and roof. This durable material is resistant to extreme temperatures, increasing its longevity. It is also extremely low maintenance and easy to wipe clean. The other advantage of using WPC is that it is lightweight, making it easier to carry and transport to rural or remote areas.

compostingtoilets - WPC Eco Composting Toilet Waterless Outdoor Sanitation Solution

compostingtoilets - Arctic Eco Composting Toilet Waterless Outdoor Sanitation Solution

For a more traditional look, we also offer a Timber Toilet, which is made from 19mm thick tongue and groove spruce timber walls. We use slow grown spruce as there’s less chance of it shrinking, warping or splitting. This makes it a much better wood to use than alternatives such as pine. The floor bearers and step are pressure treated to ensure the foundations are protected from rot and insects.

compostingtoilets - Timber Eco Composting Toilet Waterless Outdoor Sanitation Solution

compostingtoilets - Timber Eco Composting Toilet Waterless Outdoor Sanitation Solution

Reusable Waste

Our Timber and WPC Eco Composting Toilets feature a Urine Diversion System. This separates the solid waste out from the urine, and into a storage container, allowing it to be reused at a later date.

compostingtoilets - Eco Composting Toilet Seat Waterless Outdoor Sanitation Solution Urine Diversion System

compostingtoilets - Eco Composting Toilet Waste Storage Containers

This ecological sanitation process protects groundwater, surface water and soil from sewage pollution, and prevents hazardous pathogenic waste from building up.

The Arctic Toilet is easy to maintain and empty. The top half of the toilet is removable to allow easy access to the tank below. This means you can safely remove the collection tank, transport it to the designated compost pile and empty it.

Arctic Eco Composting Toilet Waterless Outdoor Sanitation Solution

Arctic Eco Composting Toilet Waterless Outdoor Sanitation Solution Easy to Remove Waste Storage Tank

As long as it is collected and stored in the correct way for the necessary amount of time, this human waste can be used as either fertiliser or compost. But do be sure to check with your local authority before disposing of or using any organic matter, and ensure you don’t put it on any areas growing anything for consumption.

Solar Powered

Our Composting Toilets have a solar panel on their roof. This means they don’t need to be connected up to any mains source of electricity, again, making them ideal for outdoor locations. Clean water is fed into the sink by an electric pump. This pump is powered by a 12V battery that’s charged via the solar panel. This also gives power to a multi-charging point that can be used to help keep your mobile phone charged.

compostingtoilets - Eco Composting Toilet Outdoor Sanitation Solution 12V Solar Panel

compostingtoilets - Eco Composting Toilet Outdoor Sanitation Sink

The Arctic Toilet has an automatic light that is activated by an infra-red motion sensor. This makes it easier to use the toilet and facilities at night time or when it is dark.

Ventilation and Reducing Odours

Portable toilets have a bad reputation for emitting unpleasant odours, which is why we ensured we created designs that would minimise any foul smells and be well ventilated.

compostingtoilets - Eco Composting Toilet Outdoor Sanitation Air Vent Reduce Odours

The ventilation pipe in the composting toilets feature a solar powered fan which actively helps to draw odours out of the building, and direct air flow out through a fixed vent in the wall.

Bad odours are commonly caused by the mixing of bacteria when solid and liquid waste are combined together. The urine diversion system eliminates this problem by immediately separating the solid waste and urine, so there’s no time for it to sit and ferment.

The waste deposited in the collection tank of the Arctic Toilet gets sprinkled by peat from the upper tank. Adding peat to waste starts off the composting process and helps remove odours, as it absorbs the moisture from the waste. The natural antiseptic properties of the peat provide the waste with a sanitary coating.


compostingtoilets - Eco Composting Toilet Outdoor Sanitation Secure Door Lock Bolt and Latch

Privacy is extremely important when it comes to using bathroom amenities, especially for a facility being used in a public place by many different people. Our WPC and Arctic Toilets feature an internal lock with sliding bolt. On the exterior is a latch that securely holds the door closed so it doesn’t swing open when unlocked or not in use. The addition of a vacancy indicator also enables people to easily view when the toilet cubicle is engaged or vacant.

For easy to install outdoor sanitation systems that are good for the environment, view the full range of Dunster House Eco Composting Toilets.


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