The Benefits of Floor Insulation

Insulating the floor of your garden building is crucial to prevent heat loss. It’s essential for year-round use and cosy comfort. The type of floor you have will affect the amount of heat that the building loses. Although how insulated you want the room to be overall may depend on what you intend to use the space for.

Benefits of Floor Insulation - Avon Log Cabin Garden Building RoomBenefits of Floor Insulation - Avon Log Cabin Summerhouse Garden Building Interior Living Room Lounge

Maintaining the temperature

If you are going to spend a lot of time in your log cabin, for example use it as a garden office, insulation will be a higher priority than if your garden building is just a storage shed or only for more occasional use.

Insulation can make your garden room more useable throughout the whole year, as it helps to maintain the temperature inside. When most people think of insulation, they tend to relate it to warming them up during the colder months, but it can have the reverse effect of keeping them cool during hotter months too. With insulation, the log cabin will stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer, so there is less chance of you being freezing cold or overheating. This provides you with a comfortable space for you to work, play, relax or socialise whatever time of year it is.

Although it is worth remembering that insulation is not in itself a source of heat, but helps to retain it. You will still need additional radiators or heaters in your garden building to generate the heat and warm the room. The insulation will play a part in reducing heat loss, as without it much more would be lost. Adding insulation is an eco-friendly option that will help save resources and reduce your energy bills.

U values

A U value is a measure of how well a building retains heat. It considers heat loss through the floor, roof, walls, and windows/doors, based on temperature differences inside and outside. The insulator’s effectiveness determines the value, with lower U values indicating better insulation.

Read here to find out more about what is a u value.

Our log cabins all come with the floor included, and have the option to add floor insulation as a chargeable extra.

Our floor insulation consists of 25mm thick polyisocyanurate. It fits between the pressure treated floor bearers and is covered by tongue and groove boards. Installing the underfloor insulation is a breeze, held securely in place with special clips for convenience.

The insulation will reduce the U value of your log cabin floor from 2.81 W/m2 K down to 0.77 W/m2 K.

Our fully insulated Warmaog Cabins come with prefabricated insulated sandwich panels for the floor, with an overall thickness of 50mm. It has a 30mm polyisocyanurate insulated core sandwiched between two durable 10mm MR P5 Particle Boards.

The insulated floor, roof and walls of our WarmaLog Cabins give them an overall U value of 0.69 W/m2K.

Benefits of Floor Insulation - Log Cabin Tongue and Groove Floor and Pressure Treated BearersBenefits of Floor Insulation - Log Cabin Floor Polyisocyanurate Insulation Optional ExtraBenefits of Floor Insulation - WarmaLog Cabin Insulated Floor Sandwich Panel

Polyisocyanurate insulation

We supply polyisocyanurate insulation, which is a versatile material used for a number of applications in building and construction. It is also lightweight, so is easy to cut down to the correct size without any intensive labour.

Polyisocyanurate has much better insulation properties than alternatives, such as rockwool, polystyrene and bubble wrap, therefore it is the best. It has good thermal conductivity, making it a highly efficient and economic insulating solution. Polyisocyanurate insulation also has good fire resistance in comparison to other foam insulators because of its unique structure of strong chemical bonds.

So, as you can see, adding floor insulation to your garden log cabin will make the building more thermally efficient for year-round use.

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