How to design your garden

We are becoming more green fingered than ever. The initial lockdown in 2020 forced more people to stay at home, finally giving them time to look at their gardens and make the changes they had always thought about. When the world started opening up again, we put more focus on creating dream gardens where we could retreat from the stresses of the outside world. Here we share our top tips on how to design your garden exactly what you want it to be.


Get planning

The first thing to think about when planning a garden is to work out how you want to use your outdoor space. Are you looking to transform it into a play space for your children? A space where you can make the most of the summer months with some al fresco dining? Or maybe you are looking for a more modern garden, with a planted bed framing and a chic Log Cabin at the end.


A quick look on Instagram or Pinterest will show you some beautiful gardens and perhaps inspire your own garden ideas. There are plenty of garden planner apps available to help, although you can’t go far wrong with a pen and paper.


You need to know what the focal points of your garden are going to be as they will help form the rest of the design. Focal points don’t need to be large water features, so don’t worry if you have a small garden. A garden structure such as a Pergola or Arbour placed over a pathway can make your garden look bigger than it is. The simple addition of fairy lights or hanging plants can quickly make this a focal point.


This customer added a Gazebo to their garden and added fairy lights


Design your garden
Now you have a plan in mind, it’s time to think about the finer details and write a list of what materials you will need. For instance; if you were looking at adding a climbing frame to your garden, you may want to look into soft rubber matting in case of accidents.


If you want to add a Gazebo to your garden, what are you going to use it for? Will it be a shelter for an alfresco dining area with a table and chairs or will it be a BBQ area? These are the questions that you can ask yourself to help you to decide


When thinking about a Gazebo, it’s important to take into consideration the look of your existing garden and what you want visitors (and yourself) to be seeing while you relax. Our range of Gazebos allow you to add half height and full height walls, as well as one with a dome on the top to allow stargazing.


For smaller gardens, the addition of a small Gazebo with L-shaped garden furniture underneath can make the garden look a lot larger and more luxurious with minimal effort.


Even things as seemingly simple as storage, still can look high quality in your garden. Long gone are the days of decrepit sheds, instead replaced with a variety of different modern styles and sizes. We even have a pent shed with a slanted roof which can be placed in the corner of your garden under a hanging tree – in this day and age, the only limitation is your imagination.



Know your boundaries
This could mean two different things. Primarily ensure you know any boundary restrictions that may be applicable if you do decide to add a Garden Building to your garden. Most of our buildings do not require planning permission but it is always worth a discussion with your local planning authority just to be sure – you can always ask our friendly sales team too.


Secondly, make sure you know what things you want to border with flowers and plants. These small, cost-effective additions can frame your garden beautifully and act as a focal guide. If you line your pathway with colourful flowers, leading up to your garden building, it will give the appearance of length.

The final benefit of flower borders is that they attract nature to your garden. You will hear birds in the trees while you unwind with a cup of tea, butterflies and bees visiting your flowers and even perhaps a few four legged friends will come and see your garden.


Bordering your garden building can make it appear larger


What building you are going to choose?

We know that you will want to spend as much time as possible in your garden, especially since you have put so much effort into creating a utopia. As much as we would love to fill your garden with every single part of our Garden Building range, we know it is not possible. Or practical.


We make it easy for you to filter your products by size making it easy for you to find which Garden Building would fit your garden. Perhaps you will find a Summerhouse would suit your needs more than a Log Cabin, or a customised Gazebo rather than a Corner Cabin. Take some time to really look into how you would use your Garden Building and what you would use it for.


We have seen our Log Cabins turned into many different spaces, all of which would fit the design of your garden. These versatile buildings can be used as work spaces, playroom, recreational spaces and many more. Have a look at our social media pages (Facebook and Instagram) to see how other customers are using our Garden Buildings to improve their home work balance by giving them a space to truly spend quality time to ‘switch off’.


All it takes to build your dream garden is your imagination, a few visits to your local garden centre and a call to our friendly sales team to help answer any questions you may have. Why not visit our website or give our team a call on 01234 619644?


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