Why is it important to look at a company’s history

When looking to buy a Log Cabin, Garden Office or any Garden Building, people commonly look to Trustpilot and review sites. This is a great way to learn more about the consumer journey and what customers think of the final products. However, it is equally important to look into a company’s history.


A company’s history can tell you a lot, not only about their products, but about the company themselves. What hardships have they faced? How have they overcome them whilst still manufacturing high quality products? The challenges companies face is often what shapes them going forward.


We try as a company to be as transparent as we possibly can, and we believe other companies should be doing this too. This is why we publish our negative reviews alongside our positive, something not all companies do. We believe we can learn from these mistakes, we contact the customer and work towards fixing any issues we can.


Dunster House Ltd has over two decades of experience in Garden Buildings. We started over twenty five years ago in 1994, not as a Garden Buildings company but as a Windows and Doors manufacturer.


Company founders, Chris and Pam Murphy, spent hours every day getting to know their products inside and out. When their sons Andrew and Alex joined the Company, they were just as hands on. They have worked in a small factory, physically creating these products by hand, gaining valuable experience and knowledge.


As the years went on, so did the amount of products we sold. We realised there was a need for high quality Garden Buildings with an affordable price tag. This ethos has remained with us as our design team come up with new, exciting buildings each year. There is always something new being added.


We have expanded massively over the years. We now have nine distribution centres across the UK and fourteen factories overseas. These factories each produce a specific aspect of our product range, ensuring the same high quality each and every time. Our staff are trained in house by those who know the products so they can continue to maintain our high standards.


From the selection of sustainably sourced timber to the final product delivered to the customers door, Dunster House are in control of every aspect of our products.


Details like these may seem unimportant, but are crucial if you are buying a product expected to last a long time. You want to make sure that if anything goes wrong with your Garden Building, whether in five minutes or five years, that you can get hold of a company who can help you. Everyone from our Sales team to our Customer Services team are trained to fully understand our products. This means we can answer any questions you may have promptly, from before the sale to post delivery.


With our extensive knowledge and experience, you can trust us when we offer you guarantees like our 10 year guarantee on all pressure treated timber. This guarantee protects your timber from rot and fungal decay. We also have a guarantee on our galvanised steel.


If a company ceases trading during the duration of your warranty, and it isn’t covered by a third party insurer, then it can be extremely difficult to get your money back. Or to get parts replaced. We have been going strong for over twenty five years, and have no plans to stop any time soon. To find out more about our products, guarantees or our history, why not visit our website.


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