Home Learning Made Simple


Follow this quick and simple guide on “Home Learning Made Simple”, featuring some of the best online tools available. Make your home-schooling experience that little bit easier with this easy guide.

2020 is a year that has taught everyone many things, good and bad. With schools closing in the first lockdown for six months many parents had the job of home-schooling their children.

Teaching children is not for everyone, and so many parents panicked unsure on the best ways to keep their children focused, entertained and learning all at the same time. As much as the experience of home-school is daunting for parents, it is just confusing for the children. They came across so much change, adapting to a new schooling style with online platforms, virtual classes, using apps and not getting that time with their teachers for support.

Introduce some structure, routine and fun your little ones home-schooling days making the experience easier for you but most importantly them!

Now, let’s get started on “Home Learning Made Simple”!

Combination of digital and non digital 

Keep the tasks varied by using digital tools but also taking them away from the digital side and doing things outdoors. Giving them an array of tasks that require different skills will stop them from getting bored, and have a better concentration span.

Digital Platforms:

  • BBC Bitesize
  • Twinkl
  • YouTube Kids
  • DuoLingo
  • Free Maths Lessons (Carol Vorderman)

Home timetables 

Each school day is designed by a timetable of different subjects each hour or so, so use this similar concept when teaching at home.

Why not start the day off with simple Maths and English, followed by some outdoor garden play where they can run around, keep active and still discover the great outdoors. Every child loves a trip to the park so bring elements of that to your garden.


BalconyFort Searcher

Here are some of our outdoor play ideas:

Having a weekly or daily timetable will also enable you to allocate time to yourself to do your own work, chores and tasks.

Create a learning hub 

Design a room which is dedicated to their home learning, as you don’t want them to associate all aspects of their cosy home with their academic journey. Either use a spare bedroom or venture out into the garden and create a play/school room in a log cabin.  With a designated area, you will find that there becomes a bit more routine in the day. Decorate the space with posters and support tools making the place colourful, encouraging and motivating. Create areas to keep them constantly entertained with painting, a reading corner etc.

Log Cabin School


Rhine Playroom

Reward system 

Try a reward system to keep your children motivated. During this global pandemic we as adults are struggling, so your children must be even more. Continue to make them feel special, push them to exceed and treat them every so often.

Check out our blog on How to Transform a Log Cabin into the Perfect Playroom.

Using these tips and tricks, will support you and your children throughout this difficult time. Schools are currently open, but this can change in a matter of time. Implementing these small suggestions will give your children the best opportunity to thrive, grow and continuously develop.


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