Hot Tub Shelter Ideas Wooden Gazebo Shelters

Recently purchased a hot tub, and want to make the most of it by using it all year round? A wooden gazebo is the perfect garden structure to invest in, as it will not only add a shelter, but give your garden some real character. If you are looking for the perfect garden jacuzzi ideas or just Gazebos for hot tubs, you’re in the right place!

Require a little inspiration before you make up your mind on what hot tub cover to go with?

Not to worry, let us talk you through our gazebo range and which may be the perfect hot tub shelter you’ve been looking for!

Erin Gazebo

The Erin gazebos are uniquely designed, as it has a Perspex dome on the roof. This allows sunlight to beam through during the day and stargaze throughout the evening. As a fully pressure treated structure it is very low maintenance.

Customise the Erin by adding extra panels on the side, which makes it enclosed and private. The louvre panel is unique to our Erin model, which is a panel that provides ventilation and still enables light to come through. You can add panels at an extra cost but the more privacy from them nosy neighbours, the better right?! If you are serious about buying one of our hot tub shelters, panels are an important factor to take into consideration.

hot tub shelter ideas Solid Half Panel Erin GazeboLeviathan Gazebos

The chunky post Leviathan gazebo range is a classic design that comes in a range of sizes. With larger gardens you can get two uses out of the gazebo – outdoor dining area and hot tub spa  area. Our Leviathan gazebos have one of the chunkiest posts on the market at 120mm thick. All the framework is completely pressure treated, therefore making this garden investment low maintenance as possible.

You can purchase an Leviathan gazebo walled or open depending on how much privacy you would like. There is an option to add wall panels to the fully open structures with either glazed,  half or full height panels.

Size Range:

2m x 2m | 3m x 3m | 4m x 3m | 6m x 3m

hot tub shelter ideas Atlas gazebohot tub shelter ideas Atlas gazeboUtopia gazebo range is a slimline, timeless style of gazebo. With 70mm x 70mm thick posts, this structure gives your garden character as well as a sturdy gazebo. All the framework is fully pressure treated too, which is guaranteed for 10 years. Pre treated timber reduces the likelihood of rot and insect infestation.

Customise the Utopia with 3m half or full height timber panels, which can give you a bit more protection from the outdoor elements and provide you with a little more privacy if you require it.

Utopias come in three different sizes:

2m x 2m | 3m x 3m | 4m x 3m

   hot tub shelter ideas Utopia300 gazeboRoof Protection 

Protect your gazebo roof with super felt or bitumen shingles. Applying this to the roof of your gazebo will offer an attractive, durable and high end finish to the structure. Adding a roof protection, means the timber roof will last longer and decrease the chances of water seeping through during heavy downpour. Don’t worry! Due to all our wooden structures being fully pressure treated, we offer huge 10 year guarantee* on all our products!

Garden Lights or Plants?

With our range of gazebos being so simplistic, you are able to add your own personal touch with either some garden lights and hanging plants. Garden lights are a lovely way to make the whole structure just glow during the evening, creating a real warm setting.  If you love hosting evening hot tub events in the garden, then adding lights to the structure will make your event even more special!

hot tub shelter ideas Utopia 430 gazebo with lights ‘How To Decorate Your Gazebo’ Article. Here, you can get a glimpse of several of our customer designs and the choices they made.

hot tub shelter ideas Erin gazebo with plants find out more!


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