How to decorate your Gazebo

It’s no surprise that our Gazebos make a statement in the garden, they’re quite the focal point, but knowing how to decorate it can be quite difficult. Therefore, we have put together a number of garden ideas to decorate your Gazebo. Let’s get creative!


A pop of colour in the garden is always welcomed, and plants can do just that. We have a variety of climbing plants in mind such as; Jasmine, Clematis and Roses, all of which will help decorate your Gazebo and bring it to life once flowered.  There is also the classic Ivy, which can bring a nice green touch, complimenting the colour of our spruce timber perfectly.

If you’re not a fan of the climbing plants, why not plant some flowers in plant pots to decorate around the base of the Gazebo? Local garden centres will have a number of different styles to really put your personal touch on it.

How to Decorate your Gazebo - Leviathan Gazebo with Plants

Gazebo Accessories

Our Gazebos come with the options of back and side panels, which means a whole new canvas to play with. Check out the points below of what we recommend for your outdoor space:

Fairy lights: fairy lights are a popular way to decorate your Gazebo. There are a variety of styles available. Many of which are solar powered so convenient for you to assemble and use. A particular favourite seems to be the bulb styled string lights. This helps give your structure a modern/rustic feel spreading warmth and creating an inviting atmosphere.

Mirrors: if you have a small outdoor space, a mirror can really open up your garden making it appear larger and more expansive. Adding mirrors can also reflect natural light. This can help in areas with limited sunlight making that area become brighter adding a more welcoming atmosphere. Please just be extra careful with the sun’s reflection! Mirrors can also be used for more practical purposes like being placed near a feature feature or fountain to reflect the movement of water to add a sense of privacy and seclusion.

Signs: there are lots of signs that you can collect, covering a whole range of themes and styles; they are a nice personal touch to add to your Gazebo. If you are adding a certain theme to your structure, adding signs is a great place to start.

Artwork: Artwork adds a unique touch to any garden, creating a focal point that draws the eye and adds interest to the outdoor space. Artwork doesn’t have to be a painting, art can be a design or sculpture too. Overall, art can add colour and texture, setting a mood to any area. But if you want to really make it your own, why not get super creative and design your own artwork for your Gazebo? You can easily find stencils and tutorials online if you’re not quite the Picasso of the family! For example, painting your structure with vines and plants for it to blend with the background of your garden!

If you are still undecided with what decorative elements to go with, the simple but most effective option is adding incorporate decorative elements like pillows, cushions, rugs.

Overall, adding accessories can be a game changer when it comes to what theme you want to go for meaning the possibilities are endless in creating the perfect setting for your outdoor space.

Leviathan Gazebo with decorations

Outdoor Furniture

A Gazebo could be used for multiple reasons. From a dining area or turned into a hot tub shelter, but one thing that will really help decorate the space is furniture. We have put together some pointers for when it comes to selecting your garden furniture.

Pick a theme: have a look on sites like Pinterest or visit garden furniture shops to get some inspiration. Having a theme will make your search for your dream furniture a lot easier. It can also guide you into decisions about any further décor you’d like to add.

A statement piece: yes, our Gazebo is already a statement on its own, but a cool centrepiece like a table or a statue could really add some more character into the garden design.

Space: whatever the use, you do not want to overcrowd your garden. Make sure you remember the size of your Gazebo when considering furniture. We offer a range of different sized Gazebos, so check you are getting the right one!

How to Decorate your Gazebo - Phoenix Gazebo with outdoor furniture

So that’s our top tips when it comes to decorating your Gazebo. As you can see, there are many ways that you can make your outdoors space personal and the place to be for your friends and family. Make sure you check out our different ranges of Gazebos and Pergolas.

If you’re still undecided on what to use with a Gazebo for, one of the most popular choices is using it as a hot tub/jacuzzi shelter. Why not check out a handful of customer designs in our recent topic – Hot Tub Shelter Ideas.

Don’t forget to send us your photos once you’ve got yourself all set up. We always enjoy seeing how our Gazebos are styled once assembled.


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