How To Build A Garden Office


Have you recently just purchased a garden office, or in the decision stage of getting one?

A great way to start the process is to become familiar with how to build a garden office Dunster House have a great ‘how to’ videos on Dunster House TV to look at. Garden offices and rooms give a separate space outside your house if you need an additional room. They may be a decorative element in your yard as well as a functional and fully insulated place for year-round usage, such as a home office.

Our range of garden offices are comprehensive, they are made to fit all budgets, sizes and styles.

  • No planning permission required so no Council paperwork to worry about
  • 10-year guarantee on pressure treated timber giving you peace of mind
  • Double glazed toughed glass no burglar is going to get in
  • Securable and lockable security even a crowbar would be defeated

The base to securely hold your garden office should be well prepared, flat, level and essentially a solid base that will be suitable to construct a garden building.

Some suggestions of materials that can be used as a base would be:

  • Solid concrete base
  • Concrete strip base (Good for Cabin/Office)
  • Railway sleepers (Good for Cabin/Office)
  • Paving slabs laid on compacted hardcore
  • Decking

A concrete base – if you decide to go with this option – has been proven a great base to have. Below is the Helena Garden Office built on a concrete base. It looks great, safe and sturdy!

If you prefer to not construct a concrete base, at Dunster House we have designed an excellent foundation system that works well with our garden buildings. The RapidGrip foundation is a foundation system that is made up of weed control membrane and high-quality, heavy-duty plastic grids. These grids interlock for ease of placement and to help with rigidity, creating a strong support that spreads the weight of the building across the ground under the entire building.

To fully secure the RapidGrids you will need to purchase pea shingle type stones from a local builder’s merchant to fill the grids with.

A fantastic feature of a Dunster House Garden Office is that planning permission should not be needed as the majority of our garden buildings are under 2.5m high. This means that they come under permitted development rights. Another added bonus is that this means you would be able to place the garden building within 2m of your property’s boundary. To be on the safe side, it is always best to double check with your local authority or council if you have any doubt. A handy tool is to check on Planning Portal for more information.


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