In our quest for more space and functionality in our homes, adding a conservatory has become a popular choice among homeowners. An Addroom not only provides the extra space you desire but can also be utilised throughout the year. Discover the potential of a well-designed Addroom and how it can cater to your needs in every season.


The Addroom® is a quicker and cheaper alternative to others. Comes fully insulated and double glazed for comfortable use all year round. The uPVC windows and doors feature multi-point locking systems to ensure your garden room is secure.


Bring your dream garden room to life effortlessly and stylishly. The Addroom Modular, Groove and Brick garden rooms can be built on top of your existing patio, as long as it’s square and level. Designed with the DIYer in mind, the Addroom is supplied with easy-to-assemble ready-made sandwich panels for a simple construction experience. So, you will be able to enjoy your garden room in no time!


1. Enhancing Living Space:

Adding a conservatory expands your living area, offering numerous possibilities for utilisation. Whether you envision a cosy den, a vibrant playroom, or an elegant dining area, you can design the space to perfectly suit your requirements. With proper insulation and heating/cooling systems, an Addroom becomes an integral part of your home, ensuring comfort all year round.

Addroom 5m x 3m Interior Dining Area

2. Embracing Natural Light:

Large windows have been incorporated into the Addroom’s design, allowing natural light to flood the space. Ample sunlight not only uplifts the overall ambiance but also offers health benefits. Sunlit Addroom can enhance mood, promote Vitamin D synthesis, and create an appealing environment for indoor plants to thrive.

Addroom 4m x 3m Garden Room Groove Effect

3. Winter: Cosy Retreat from the Cold:

In Winter, your Addroom can transform into a warm and snug retreat. Cleverly designed with efficient heating methods, such as underfloor heating or a stylish fireplace, the Addroom can become your personal sanctuary during the colder months. Enjoy curling up with a good book or entertaining guests in a cosy space, shielded from the chill outside.

Addroom 4m x 3m Interior Lounge

4. Spring: Indoor Garden Oasis:

With the arrival of Spring, your Addroom can morph into a vibrant indoor garden oasis. Utilise the abundance of natural light and create an environment where plants thrive. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or just starting, an Addroom allows you to enjoy gardening all year round. It’s the perfect space to nurture your green thumb, experiment with new plant varieties, and surround yourself with nature’s beauty.


5. Summer: Entertaining Extravaganza:

Summer calls for outdoor gatherings and parties. With the French double doors added to your beautiful patio room into your Addroom’s design, you seamlessly merge the indoors with the outdoors. The Addroom transforms into a versatile entertainment space, offering a sheltered haven from the scorching heat or unpredictable showers. Enjoy summer barbecues, alfresco dining, or simply relax and soak in the warm weather within the comfort of your stylish and practical Addroom.


6. Autumn: Inspiring Work and Creativity:

As the seasons change, your Addroom can inspire productivity and creativity during the colourful autumn months. Designing a dedicated workspace within the Addroom allows you to tackle projects or set up a home office. Take advantage of the peaceful ambience to enhance focus, concentration, and artistic pursuits. With autumn foliage as your backdrop, tap into a renewed sense of inspiration.

Addroom Modular 3m x 3m Interior Office xl


An Addroom extends the possibilities of your home, bringing forth versatile space that can be enjoyed throughout the year. By incorporating design elements and features that cater to different seasons, your Addroom becomes an integral part of your living space. Embrace the potential of an Addroom and transform your house into a more functional and welcoming home, regardless of the season.

Addroom Garden Room Exterior Image


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