How To Entertain Your Child In The Garden


Entertaining your child is a top priority at the weekends and during the school holidays. Now that the days are getting longer and the temperature is getting warmer, why not put your garden to good use?

Whether you have a big space or small, there are so many things you can do to ensure you’re providing some form of entertainment for your child. You can easily cater your garden to your child’s needs. Check out some of our ideas below on how to entertain your child in the garden, from getting creative to keeping it active.

Something Physical

Children have endless amounts of energy and often never seem to stop, so let’s charge that energy into something practical. Having a fun asset installed in the garden is a fantastic way to keep not only your child entertained, but also the rest of the family and friends who may visit. Active play will also help to keep them fit and healthy while they have fun. Check out our top four ideas:

. Climbing Frames / Swing Sets: If you have the space and budget, purchasing a play station like a Climbing Frame or a swing set guarantees endless amounts of fun for your child. They can come in an array of different styles and sizes, featuring slides, swings and challenges like climbing walls and monkey bars. You are sure to be able to find something that is perfect for your family.

. Trampolines: Whether your child is a budding gymnast or not, trampolines are always a lot of fun. The market for trampolines is massive, catering for all budgets, needs and gardens, so carry out some thorough market research. The bigger trampolines can also be used by adults, so the fun doesn’t just have to be for the young ones. It’s a great way to burn some energy before the dreaded bed time routine kicks in.

. Paddling Pools: We may not always be blessed with the best of summer weather, but when it’s hot, it gets very warm in England. Having a paddling pool ready at hand for these occasions is perfect for your child to cool down and have some fun. This can be used by everyone in the family, so is a practical asset to add to the garden.

. A Summer House: A garden building like a Summerhouse would be a perfect location for your child to play with toys whilst still getting some fresh air. It’s a good option for the unpredictable weather, and can be decorated to whatever theme is required. The perfect place to let your child’s imagination run wild.

Entertain your Child in the Garden with a Climbing Frame

Something Creative

For a more hands on approach, you can get very creative in the garden. There are lots of activities you can do with your child, most with equipment you can find in local shops and supermarkets. Below are a few ideas that will not cost you too much, and will create hours of fun!

. Chalk Art: You can never go wrong with chalks, they are a great way to draw pretty pictures without causing permanent damage to property, clothes etc. You can also pick up chalk stencils, which are perfect for creating all kinds of patterns. Then when it rains (which happens very often), you can start all over again. Hopscotch can also be drawn up, a fun activity for all.

. Pebble Painting: Finding inexpensive paint is relatively easy with lots of budget friendly shops on the market. A lovely way to use them is to paint some pebbles from the garden. They can then be used as decorative pieces around trims or fences, or you can hide them out in the public to brighten up the community. Make sure you seal them with a clear coating like PVA Glue.

. Fairy / Elf House Building: For young children, creating houses and doors for fairies and elves is a fun magical way to spend an afternoon. You can find kits online if you are a little lost with how to start. Prop them up next to trees or on platforms, and let the magic come to life in your garden.

You can find loads of fun creative activities in shops, many that are themed to the current season so keep your eyes peeled. Being creative is key at a young age to help with growth and development, so let your child’s imagination run loose.

Something Fun

Garden games are a great way to entertain your child, and something the whole family can get involved in too. You can spend as little or as much as you like on garden games, check out the ideas below to find something exciting.

. Sport Equipment: You can buy bats, balls and nets etc. from lots of shops once the winter stock has been moved. These are a great way to burn off some energy and work on core skills such as hand-eye coordination. You can get the whole family involved for a spot of garden cricket or swing-ball. More gentle activities include French Boules, skipping or skittles.

. Water Themed Toys: When the weather heats up, water fun is a must! There are loads of fun toys you can pick up like water balloons and water guns to provide some entertainment. Whether that’s for your child and their friends, or for the whole family, it’s a cool afternoon well spent.

. Nature Trails: Nature can sometimes get neglected, but showing children the beauty of it can make them aware of how important it is to the planet. You can create funky nature trails for your children in the garden or in the local woods. Providing a checklist of things for them to find along their route is a fun activity.

How to Entertain your Child in the Garden - MaxiFort Frontier Climbing Frame

Something Practical

Designing your garden for your child’s needs doesn’t always have to revolve around buying the best play apparatus or the latest football, it can simply be something very practical like the below:

. Creating Somewhere Shaded: Creating a shady spot is a must have for the garden, to help keep children safe and protected. This can be a place for them to sit and chill, or an area to carry out some of their activities. One of our Wooden Gazebos would be the perfect solution and will look stylish whilst doing its job.

. Growing Flowers: Growing flowers in the garden is a lovely way to teach your child how plants grow, and how we have to carefully look after them. You can make it fun by having a little competition, like who can grow the tallest sunflower or the biggest pumpkin. Seeds can be picked up for a relatively low price in shops, and growing advice can easily be found online.

. Bug Hotels: Another activity that is beneficial to nature whilst educating children, is creating bug hotels. You can find loads of inspiration for these online, sites like Pinterest are amazing to find ideas and how-to guides. Bug hotels can be made with miscellaneous items such as bricks, sticks and pots. This is a wholesome activity for a sunny day, and your child can keep an eye on their hotel guests once built and in use.

These are all just some of our suggestions on fun and interesting ways to entertain your child in the garden, there are many more ideas out there. With social media a key part of society, there will be a whole range of ideas shared on Facebook groups and on Instagram, etc.


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