How to Keep a Summerhouse Log Cabin Cool

We all love and enjoy the use our summerhouse log cabin throughout the year. But as the weather begins to warm up and temperatures start to rise in the middle of a summer’s day, this can make it unusable and unbearable. Taking beneficial steps to keep the temperature down can stop your garden building from feeling like an oven and create a cool, comfortable atmosphere and environment.

We’ve all experienced it—the moment we open the door to our summerhouse garden building on a beautiful sunny day, only to be met with an unbearably hot interior that forces us to retreat. Unfortunately, many summerhouses are designed in a way that traps heat. They often lack proper ventilation and although painting them in dark colours can look nice, darker colours will absorb and retain heat, causing the temperature inside to rise rapidly. Even after the sun sets, your summerhouse can remain uncomfortably warm due to the absence of heat escape routes.

Fortunately, there are practical measures you can take to prevent excessive heat build-up and allow for efficient heat dissipation. While some considerations are best implemented during the construction phase, there are steps you can take to enhance ventilation in existing garden buildings. By incorporating additional airflow openings, you can mitigate the heat and ensure a more comfortable environment inside your summerhouse.

Airflow and Insulation

Here at Dunster House we offer the option to add extra windows for better air circulation and ventilation. On top of that, unlike some of our competitors, we offer plastic vents with all our garden buildings, to minimise heat and moisture, and maximise airflow.

We can’t stress enough but if you haven’t yet brought an outdoor building, we strongly recommend you consider our insulated buildings or check our insulated options in the specification tab.

Paint the Exterior a Lighter Colour

If your summer house is currently a dark shade of, brown, black, grey or any other dark colour, you may want to consider changing the paint colour to something a little lighter. This will make a noticeable difference in the heat transfer and how hot the garden building gets inside and out. While it can be tempting a darker colourway, this will cause your summer house log cabin to absorb that unwanted heat, creating a warmer environment you don’t want on a summer’s day!


Setting Up a Fan or Aircon Unit

Using a fan is the choice we all turn to when trying to cool a room down when it becomes too hot and stuffy and these are a must have for any brit, as we tent to get hot and bothered easily. Having a fan will quickly create the feeling of a cooler environment if you are near or in front of it, but if you are using it, hoping to cool the room down overall, I hate to break it to you, but it’s not going to work.

All a fan does is blow and move air around the room, creating a cooling effect on the skin. While these are good, but if you want to keep your room at a cool temperature, definitely invest in a AC unit!


Creating Shade for your Garden Building

I know… there’s not much you can do regarding this as you can’t help where the sun moves and the space you have available! But you can think about the surroundings of the cabin and where the sun spots are, so you can work out what areas are best for you.

By positioning it in an area that receives partial afternoon shade. This simple step will help you escape the heat and cool the room, so you can enjoy a cooler environment inside your summerhouse.

Overall, following these practical steps will hopefully help you keep your log cabin garden room cool throughout the summer! Making it an enjoyable building throughout the year!


The Dunster House Choice:


To achieve the desired coolness inside your garden building during the summer, our top recommendation is to incorporate insulation. By adding insulation and pairing it with a basic AC unit, you’ll experience the utmost comfort and stay cool throughout the season.

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