Log Cabin Paint Ideas and Inspiration


Have you chosen your ideal log cabin for your garden, but are you unsure on what colour paint you should get for the exterior and interior of the garden room?

There are so many options available when looking at treatments for your timber log cabin. You may want to opt for a wood stain which simply enhances the natural beauty of the timber grain whilst providing a protection to it. On the other hand, you may want a brighter block colour that will make your log cabin pop!

The type of treatment you choose will depend on the colour or effect you want to achieve for your cabin. Opt either for a natural wood effect stain, or a coloured block paint treatment. With an untreated garden room it is important to apply some form of treatment as it will increase the longevity of the whole structure.

What should I paint my log cabin with? – Learn more about the different treatment types that we offer.

When looking into treatment colours and types, many of you will ask ‘can you paint the inside of a log cabin?’.

YES! You can paint the interior of your log cabin, but to reduce unpleasant odours it is better to use a water based paint. It is difficult to say how long that odour will last, so you don’t want to put the internal space of your cabin out of order until that smell has disappeared.

Colour Swatches! 

Let us talk you through the paint colours that are available for the log cabin exterior.

Natural Wood Stains

Hazelnut  Hazelnut   Light Brown  Light Brown

Solid Block Colours

Silver Grey  Silver Grey       Cornish Cream  Cornish Cream

China Clay Stone Grey        Mendip Mist  Mendip Mist

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The solid block colours are water based paints, therefore can be used in the log cabin interior.

From swatches to garden buildings, here you can see painted log cabin pictures using natural wood stains and block colours.

Maybe you could choose one colour as your base and another colour for detailing such as the door and window frames. Some keep their garden buildings a neutral, more pastel shade whereas others like a darker, much bolder colour. With a modern contemporary garden you may want to choose a shade like silver grey or China Clay. Whereas, if you have a traditional style garden you could go for a natural wood stain finish or go for something a little more vibrant.

The Modetro Log Cabin painted with the Silver Grey paint – This product has since been discontinued.

Modetro Silver Grey

Stand out from the crowd with the Sage Leaf exterior paint and Cornish Cream windows and door trims.

Terminator Sage Leaf & Cornish Cream

Bring warmth and a cosy feeling to the exterior of the log cabin with the rich Cornish Cream colour.

Rhine Cornish Cream

Brighten up the garden with the stunning Mendip Mist exterior and China Clay windows and door trims.

Terminator Mendip Mist

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Need some more inspiration? Why not check out our inspiration gallery where we showcase an array of garden buildings with different themes, paint combinations and interior designs.


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