How To Landscape Around Your Gazebo

We often receive beautiful customer photos of our products, all of them are exciting and we love to see how people have landscaped their gardens accordingly. One product that never fails to make a spot in your garden shine, is our wooden gazebos.

They’re sturdy and they are gorgeous, they speak for themselves in how practical they can be. However, we want to share with you some wonderful ideas on how to landscape your garden around them.

So how do you decorate your garden to truly show this picturesque garden building off to all who come to visit?

A garden pond is a beautiful addition to have in any garden, even more when it is a part of your Gazebo setup. You could have a small garden pond, a fish pond, a large nature pond, a water feature pond, a raised garden pond, the list is pretty much endless!

Spending your evenings relaxing with your friends and family, listening to the water trickling in your pond sounds like a wonderful time. It’s the perfect scenery for those evening BBQ’s or late-night bonfires. The amount of nature your garden pond would attract is an added bonus. Frogs, dragonflies and beautiful birds will be desperate to get in and around the water, providing a fantastic opportunity to learn about the world we live in.

Building a garden pond takes some manual labour, lining, water, and creativity to have a water feature either side of your Gazebo. Remember to make a sloped side within your garden, preferably with rocks, to ensure that any wildlife that accidentally falls in, can get out.

Utopia Gazebo with Small Garden Pond | Garden Inspiration
The easiest suggestion is to border the Gazebos with gorgeous plants and flowers. However, there are important things to consider. What is the look and feel that you are going for? If it’s something fresh and green stick to your leafy plants. If you want some vibrant colours in your outdoors space, sway more towards pretty summer flowers. Remember different seasons bring different textures and colours into your garden.

If you choose to purchase something like our Chunky Corner Gazebo, which has a solid back, you will be able to utilise the space at the front. Ensure that you plant small plants that are not too high or thick in growth as it will block out the sun, unless that’s the vibe you wish to go for.
But if instead you rather go with a gazebo like our open Gazebos, with no panelised back at all, we would recommend that you keep your plants at balustrade height so you can see them without straining your neck when you are relaxing.

Plants could also be used as garden edging around certain sections of your space. If you perhaps want to go for a clean finish, then the small fences are probably more for you. However small rows of pansies, or dwarf conifers offer two different looks and feel. Carry out some research and find the best garden edging for you.

Utopia Gazebo with green garden plants | Garden Inspiration

We often get photos sent through that show us exactly why garden lighting is so important. Solar lights can be found in a variety of styles. From string bulbs to little stakes (which in themselves offer a mass number of designs!), you can find some optimal garden lighting for you. It’s the perfect accessory for a summer evening or a winter night by the bonfire.

The use of fabric is one normally reserved for special occasions. A simple piece of white, or coloured, silk can give your Gazebo a romanticised feel. Perfect for nights in with your other half when you want a little bit more privacy than the Gazebo will allow. Fabric can also be dressed around the back of your Gazebo should you choose to go for our panel options, this is a lovely way to make the garden structure personal to you and your tastes.

Atlas Gazebo with Outdoor Garden Lighting | Garden Inspiration


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