How to renovate your garden

Are you asking yourself where do I start to renovate the garden? Not sure what size garden buildings and garden structures work for you?

Fear not these are common questions we all ask ourselves when planning the DIY build. Struggling to know where to start, do you have millions of ideas saved on your Pinterest boards but never got round to giving it a go yourself, no worries; here are some top tips for a DIY garden renovation.

A garden is just as important as any part of your home. We all want a beautiful garden, somewhere we can relax in, watch plants grow, have a safe space for our children to play and explore in, entertain friends in the sunshine! The dreams are endless!

Planning in any big project is essential. Start with somewhere creative, Pinterest is a great platform for creating visual boards.

If you’re unfamiliar with Pinterest here is a brief insight into the social media platform:

The Pinterest concept is surprisingly simple. Individuals pin pictures to digital boards using a “bookmarklet” button added in their browser, which is generally based on a specific theme or objective. Each image is accompanied by a click-through link to the page where it was found. Users may also browse other people’s boards and “like,” “re-pin,” or comment on what they see.

Pinterest is simple to use, navigate, and offers such a diverse selection of content that virtually everybody will find something to their liking. Starting with the smaller aspect of the DIY project can help break up the project which essentially can make the process feel like it is going much quicker.

Adding Colour

Adding some colour to your garden gives the open space some much needed character. Vibrant colours are a great release of dopamine. Colours can be soothing as well as exciting; think of your favourite colours and add them to your garden. You could add the colours in the form of flowers, garden furniture, water features and garden buildings.

Yes, that’s right even your garden buildings could still look great with a splash of colour. Check out our optional extras page to view the selection of colours we offer. Below are just a couple for inspiration!


Avon SideStore Log Cabin Approx. W4.5m x D5m

             Terminator Pent Log Cabin Approx. W6m x D4m

Garden Storage

Garden storage is becoming increasingly popular. We know what people think, garden sheds are multifunctional, great but not always the prettiest aspect in the garden. Our Dutch Barn is here to tell you to think again! The creativity from one of our talented customers has made our Dutch Barn look even more irresistible.

Sheds are great for garden storage! To keep all the garden tools and equipment in one secure place a shed is a great place to start. A properly designed shed offers ample amount of storage. Although sheds can vary in sizes, a good design can help maximise the storage.

Entertaining Outdoors

Gardens are a great place for entertaining, with a log cabin the weather will never stop the party.

Another way to utilise your garden space ready for hosting is with a gazebo or pergola. Fire up the BBQ and invite all your friend’s round for the garden parties to leave all your guests envious! The pergola is a simple class design which works with any style of garden no matter what shape or size, perfect for a garden renovation. The gazebo is the perfect addition to place on garden decking or on a patio area. Adding shelter could be a key incentive when thinking about the garden renovation.

A garden renovation should be more fun than hassle. Planning will always help, even if you have not started on a time frame or budget, the research stage at the beginning of the DIY garden renovation will help the operation run much smoother.


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