How To Stay Fit At Home Our 5 Home Fitness Tips

Did you set yourself a gym target this year, and now feel demotivated that all that hard work was wasted? Well, there are many ways you can continue to stay fit at home.

Our 5 recommendations to stay fit at home!

  • Many personal trainers across the country are logging into the digital world and performing live home workouts that you can follow in the comfort of your own home.
  • Keep the whole family fit, by all waking up and doing a family fitness routine that is fun, energetic and safe. This is a great way to keep your little ones active and fit whilst you are too.
  • Use the space in your garden so you can really work out to your maximum potential. Also, it is a way to keep the inside of your home all in one piece. Working out in the fresh air is a nice way to start your day too. So, embrace the outside space your garden has to offer, and keep up with your fitness aims.
  • Did you love going to the gym with your gym buddy? Well, why not digitally connect with that friend and continue your workouts together! Push each other to the max and stay positive with one another.
  • Invest in a small amount of equipment that you might need to maintain your fitness. Create a dedicated area in your home as your new gym location as you won’t then have to set up your workout station every day.

Don’t lose that motivation and all that hard work you have put in to achieve your gym goals. Utilise that space in your garden, with maybe a log cabin as your new gym location. You can transform the log cabin into your perfect gym, with just the equipment you need. Get yourself the machines and the equipment you need to achieve your goals.

Walking into that fresh air, to the bottom of the garden is the uplift and positivity you need before starting your day. Log cabins make great home gyms where you can dedicate that 45 minutes to an hour to your personal fitness without any distractions of the family.

Who has a pumping gym playlist?

With all those heavy-bass, high-energy tunes that you love to listen to when working out, you will no longer need to be play them through your headphones. You can play your favourite tune on repeat for however long you want through your speakers – a better way to stay pumped (especially if you liked attending gym classes).

Check out these home gym ideas

Investing in something like a log cabin to keep up with your fitness is a real long-term investment. Avoid any membership fees, sign up fees, travel cost and any other additional costs that may arise.

Andy chose the Rhine Grande 4m x 7m log cabin from Dunster House for his perfect gym.

Stay Fit at Home with a Rhine Grande Log Cabin Home Gym, Fitness and Exercise

Log Cabin Home Gym, Helping you Stay Fit and Healthy


Remik chose the Severn 5m x 4m log cabin from Dunster House for his gym.

How to Stay Fit at Home with a Log Cabin Garden Gym


There’s no end to the options you have for a home gym when it comes to log cabins!

Log Cabin Garden Gym for Exercising and Staying Fit at Home

Furthermore, having a garden gym log cabin may really benefit your day to day life later on too. We all like to think that we will keep up with going to the gym, but it’s easier said than done. Having the gym only 30 seconds away from you means that you can keep fit anytime of the day. Whether you like to get up bright and early in the morning, or prefer working out late at night – you really have no excuse! Which may or may not be a good thing for you, but log cabins make life easier when spending lots of time at home.


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