Turn your Log Cabin into a Man Cave Gym

Do you tell yourself to eat well and get fit multiple times a week? That the workout starts Monday? That you would exercise every day if you could just find the time? A Man Cave Gym can set you on the right track.

The gym initially seems like a great idea, and it undoubtedly works for a lot of people, but it is not long before you start making the excuses. It is too cold, your gym stuff is not ready, you won’t have time to get there, fit in a workout and get back to the office, it’s dark, it’s been a busy day. The list is endless.

Working out at home has become popular in recent years. The appeal of the gym waning for home workouts in your own personal space. It is a great idea in its simplicity; saving you time, money and energy which can be channelled into your next workout. What if you don’t have enough space to jump, stretch or workout in your home?

The easiest, and best, solution is adding a Log Cabin gym to your home. It is an investment initially, especially sourcing your own equipment, but these can easily be found second hand online. In the long run, the money you save on gym subscription fees, the food and drink you buy post workout and the extra petrol for your daily commute, will all add up. l

The idea of transforming a Log Cabin into a home gym may seem overwhelming but is actually quite simple. Let us walk you through the basic steps to set up your Man Cave Gym.


Find your available space

Our Man Cave Gyms can be made out of the smallest cabins if you have a little garden


Whether you are limited on garden space, or have acres of land behind your house to fill, there is a Log Cabin for you. Have a look at your garden and see where is best going to motivate you to get out of bed and work out every day.

How about our Avon range? Starting as small as W3.0m x D2.0m perfect for even the smallest gardens.  We also have a range of corner log cabins to allow you to maximise both the space of your cabin and the available space in your garden.

You need to not only look at the available space in your garden but think about what space you will need inside your cabin. If you are an active gym goer, the likelihood is that you will have a set workout or a few favourite machines. Do you favour the treadmill over the weights or do you like to bike?

Once you know what size Log Cabin you need, have a look online for a cabin that will comfortably fit these pieces of equipment and leave you with space to move around. You don’t want to be tripping over your equipment when you are in the middle of a workout.


Sort out your flooring

Ensure the floor of your Man Cave Gym is suitable for your workout to protect your knees


The floor is the most important aspect of your Log Cabin. It will have to hold up against your cardio, weight training, yoga and the rest of your work out. Our Log Cabins come with individual 19mm thick tongue and groove logs.

If you like working out with free weights, it may be beneficial to purchase foam matts online. Besides protecting your floor from the effects of a weight being dropped whilst you are working out at maximum level.

Matts are vital for the health of your joints whilst working out, even on movements that you think are relatively low impact. These can be removed at the end of your workout, either to be replaced with a Yoga/Pilates mat or to return your Log Cabin to normal ready for your next workout session.


Interior design

Design your Man Cave Gym so it works exclusively for you


The best part of making your own high quality gym is that you can design it with whatever you want. Put a tv up on the wall if you like to catch up on your favourite shows or watch sports whilst working out, or add some speakers if loud music helps get you moving.

Many of the gyms you have visited would have full size mirrors on at least one wall, allowing you to ensure your form is correct for muscle gain and definition. Why should your Man Cave Gym be any different? You can either hang a mirror on the wall or, a cheaper alternative, is to opt for the mirrors that can be stuck on the wall of the cabin easily.

We use slow grown spruce throughout our range of Log Cabins and Summerhouses. Slow grown spruce is known for its strength and versatility, it will easily be strong enough to hold a mirror. Alternatively, if you don’t want to screw mirrors into the wall, you can find mirrors that are stuck to the wall.

Your next task is to source the equipment that will go into your Log Cabin. One of the biggest benefits of having a Log Cabin home gym is that there is no more waiting for your favourite machine, no more queues or feeling rushed because someone else wants to use the machine you are on.

You can customise your gym to cater to your needs exactly with our double doors allowing you to bring equipment in and out with ease.

Take your workout from the front room to your own garden, like the customers images in this blog, by adding a Log Cabin gym with our Garden Building range. Have a look online to see the customisation options available, including our brand new Log cabins! Contact us to discuss your options.


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