How To Use Your Garden In The Winter

The temperature dropping does not mean you have to compromise on the time you spend out in your garden. There a number of ways that you can enjoy your outdoors space, check out the blog below.


Idea One: A Garden Building

If you have the space and the budget a garden building would be the perfect addition. There are a variety of different kinds of buildings you can go for:

Log Cabins & Summer Houses: come in a variety of shapes and sizes; they are garden building that is made to last. With most coming as a blank canvas, you can decorate it to however you wish. It can be used for a whole multitude of different things; garden bar, garden office, gym, snug, playroom, sunroom. The list is endless!


You can keep yourself locked away from the harsh elements of the winter weather and enjoy your garden all year round. Word on the street is that Dunster House has fantastic insulation and timber thicknesses for their log cabins!

A Summerhouse works just as well as a Log Cabin for the exact same reason, there are just a few more windows involved which is perfect to soak in those sunny winter rays.


Garden Offices

If you work from home or have your own business a Garden Office would be a fantastic way to get practical use out of your garden all year round. There are a number of benefits of having your own space, check out the blogs we have on Garden Offices for more in-depth information.

Much like a Log Cabin a Garden Office can be used for multiple different reasons, double up your workspace with a gym and it’s even more practical. It’s also a nice stylish feature to add!



Add a practical building into your garden for winter like a shed. Perfect to store away your summer furniture and your garden tools, to help keep your garden neat and tidy.


A shed could also be used as a space to create somewhere unique like a garden bar which is super ideal if you do not have the space or budget for a Log Cabin. Much like a Log Cabin, you can still decorate however you may like, so you might as well go all out, right?


Idea Two: Alpine Style Dining

Why not invite your family and friends round for an Alpine styled dinner party? This is the perfect way to get all-year round use from your garden structures like a Wooden Gazebo. Dunster House Gazebos can come with optional extras like side panels, which is perfect to shelter yourself in away from the weather.

Perhaps you could go for a Pergola to wrap some lights and plants around instead. This is ideal to house a firepit underneath, to add some extra warmth and cosiness to the garden. Make sure you have lots of blankets and a comfy space to sit for the perfect place to relax. There is nothing more zen than sitting underneath the stars, next to a bonfire with a hot chocolate.


Idea Three: Winter Gardening

Even though the temperature has dropped you can still do a spot of gardening during the winter months. There is lots you can do out in your garden:

. Tidy up from the summer: there may be some plants that have died off from the summer season and may require cutting back so they can blossom again next year. Or, you may need to get rid of some plants that have perhaps seen better days.

. Planting something new: you can buy a number of bulbs that can be planted this time of year, just make sure you carefully read into the species you have found to ensure appropriate care.

. Go green with some veggies: have a look to see what vegetables you can get to grow yourself, there are really simple ones you can get involved with growing. We have a couple of blogs you can read;How To Create A Vegetable Garden‘  ‘How To Start Your Own Allotment‘ 


Idea Four: Indulge In The Wildlife 

Animals will begin to hibernate in your garden from the month of October/ November through to March/ April. You can still help these local little residents even through these periods.
You can help these animals hibernate by:

. Not setting fire to big piles of leaves without first checking 

. Allow an area for animals to hibernate in your garden – perhaps the bottom of the garden?

. Supply some water for those animals that do not hibernate

. Create a bug hotel for the insects that like to hibernate

Outside of winter months you can provide lots of appropriate food for the wildlife that may enter your garden.


Idea Four: Get Active

Working out in the fresh air does wonders to our bodies, it may seem like something that is out of your comfort zone but it reaps so many benefits.

You can use bricks, plant pots, bags of garden waste as some ‘home-made’ weights. These are fab as they won’t cost you a penny and will add a little bit extra to a workout. You can find lots of video and tutorials online which will provide you with some wonderful motivation.

It’s also a good way to keep little ones active, get outside with a ball and work on some hand-eye co-ordination, or introduce them to your favourite sport, it will be a great time! It’s the perfect time to do so, without getting all hot and sweaty.

So, there is our top five ways to use your garden in the winter! It truly is a wonderful space to indulge in and get the most out of.


Winter Garden Collage | Dunster House


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