Introducing Addroom Garden Rooms and Porches

Introducing Addroom Garden Rooms and Porches – The cost effective, insulated alternative to traditional conservatories, porches and extensions.

Our Addroom® Porches have been expertly designed to elevate your home’s entrance. Made from a wood polymer composite (WPC), designed with a choice of stylish brick or groove effect, which provides a wipe-clean, low maintenance and highly durable exterior surface.

Our Addroom® Garden Rooms have also been expertly designed to give you the option to add a garden extension to your building without having the stress and hassle of months of construction and disruption at home. The design of the Addroom® Garden Room is the perfect blend of beauty and practicality. The garden building is much more functional and carries a number of benefits such as;

  • Designed with the DIY market in mind. SAVE on labour costs
  • Cost effective alternative to moving home. Add room without the cost of moving
  • A useable room all year round due to the highly insulating materials used
  • Unlike a conservatory, there’s no glass roof to keep clean. And what’s more, your Addroom® won’t become like a greenhouse!
  • No bricks and mortar required. Taking less time and therefore costing you less
  • Planning permission is unlikely to be required*

Addroom® Garden Room Brick EffectAddroom® Porch, Brick Effect Front Door Porch

Keeping costs down

Planning for an extension on your home can be a strenuous task. Building an extension is a journey and has lots of sneaky surprises, such as consultation fees that increase when you least expect it. Most extensions will incur high costs, with builders’ fees, landscapers, and the use of more high-end CAD architectures to help plan and construct the build.

Both our Addroom® Garden Rooms and Addroom® Porches can be constructed quickly due to our easy to build panel system. The full panels are provided so there is no need to waste time building up walls like you would need to do with a brick-built extension. There is no need for additional costs when constructing your Addroom® Garden Room or Addroom® Porch. All of our products are constructible by any competent DIYer.


No planning permission required*

Unlike some conservatories, our Addroom® Garden Room is unlikely to need planning permission. We worked hard to be able to construct a great quality product that is unlikely to require planning permission due to the considerations made during the design process.

You do not usually need planning permission to add a porch to your house, as long as the ground floor area, measured externally, is less than three square metres. Also, no part of the porch can be more than three metres above ground level, measuring the height in the same way as for a house extension. Lastly, the porch must not be within two metres of any boundary of the dwelling and the highway.

Similarly, for the Addroom® Garden Room, unlike building a conservatory or an extension to your home, this garden building is under 3m high. Why does this matter? Under UK permitted development rights, extensions under 3m can be constructed within two metres of a boundary without planning permission!


Increase your home’s security 

Much like all our garden buildings, garden offices, and even our climbing frames, safety is a high priority for us. To make our products as safe and secure as possible we have security features such as a 10 and 12-point locking systems.

The security of your front porch is a key priority, as this is a space where you will store your precious belongings. Therefore, we have included our industry-leading 12-point locking system on the single uPVC door. In addition, there are multipoint locking windows which feature secure key locking handles.

Our 12-point locking consists of four shoot bolts, three mushroom-headed espagnolettes, three hook bolts, a locking latch and a 6-pin euro cylinder. All our windows feature a multi-point locking system consisting of espagnolettes which move in opposite directions into metal keeps.

Add an Addroom® Garden Room or Porch to your property and create an additional barrier to your property’s external entrance.

*Some exceptions may apply. Please check with your local planning authority if in any doubt. You can check if you would need planning permission on the Planning Portal.

Dunster house sell a wide range garden rooms that can have multiple uses. If you’re after a home extension or conservatory alternative, why not take a look at our revolutionary Addroom®? The cost effective alternative to brick built extensions. Find out how an Addroom® could be your ideal garden room and home extension solution.


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