Is a timber product right for me


When you are looking for a product online, especially one you would deem an investment piece, it can be hard to figure out what material you want it to be made of. It’s only natural to ask yourself if you want your new Garden Building, Log Cabin or Climbing Frame to be a timber product. Why would you choose a timber product over the other options available such as metal or plastic?

Long Lasting

One of the biggest differences between wood products and other options is that spruce is a naturally anti corrosive material, unlike metal and other popular choices.  While it can be susceptible to rot and fungal decay, something which our pressure treatment and annual treatment advice can help counter, it is a far more versatile material then many other options.

Is a timber product right for me? These customers certainly think so

Aesthetically Pleasing 

It only takes a brief glance out of the window to see the difference in the look of various building materials. Whilst brick can look elegant, it is normally quite an expensive product and associated with houses, rather than Garden Buildings.

Although another durable material, metal simply does not look as elegant in your garden as a timber log cabin would. Even if you opt for panel products, such as a Log Cabin built with wood panelling rather than individual timber pieces like we provide, it will look like a higher quality product than if you opted for a metal panelled shed.

We chose slow grown spruce because, even amongst the other timber options, it is the best type of wood. Our competitors often offer a mixed wood or even pine. Pine typically starts off light (although sometimes with a pink tinge) but reacts, over time, to the light. It then becomes darker meaning the product you first purchased is not what you end up with.

Easily customisable (on some of our timber products)

Another benefit of choosing our timber products is that, other than those which are pressure treated with a rich colourant, they are easily customisable. We sell a wide variety of treatment colours so you can find one that easily suits your style. Once you have found a treatment that best suits your style, it is just a case of applying it every 3 – 5 years (dependent on the tier of treatment you choose).

Is a timber product right for me? These customers seem to think so

Easily constructed

Timber is easily worked with, often coming cut to size which takes the stress out of construction. As we use tongue and groove timber pieces, we make it even easier to get your Garden Building built. You don’t have to worry about cutting pieces to size, or ensuring it all comes together, we have taken that stress away for you.

Your timber product will come from us in pre cut pieces, which will be pressure treated if that is the product you have chosen. In addition to this, it comes with all the fixings you need for a high quality cabin – including parts other companies typically charge you for such as vents.

Although the choice is yours, the benefits of adding a timber product to your garden rather than a different material are clear. If you have any questions about our timber products, including the building process, get in touch with our sales team on 01234 272445.


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