Log Cabin Decor Ideas Blending Vibrant Colours

Add a pop of colour to your garden log cabin using some of these top 5 log cabin décor ideas! By the end of this article you will be rushing to the shops to bring that log cabin vision to life.

Interior designing the inside of your log cabin is by far the most fun bit. Introducing your own personal touches, making it cosy and your own. A garden is a place in your home that is all about colour, happiness and vibrancy, and that same atmosphere should be displayed in your garden log cabin.

Whilst going through a pandemic, we want to uplift our spirits and the best way to do that is by giving our homes a makeover. We are going to give you 5 tips on how you can bring that jazz to your garden room!

Let’s spruce up your garden log cabin with some of these simple yet effective décor ideas!

Add a colourful sofa

Start off with an eye-catching sofa. A colour that will grab the attention of every one that will enter the room. Choosing something with a unique design either with quilted buttons or velvet in material tends to add that luxurious feel to the room. Deep red wine or emerald green are the type of bright colours you want. Alternatively, go for something a little minimalistic and place colourful cushions instead. For a snug and cosy look, an L-shaped sofa that you can just dive into is what you want to introduce into the room. Opt for a light grey or cream colour to bring that brightness to the room.

Titania garden office

Vibrant floor lamp

Feature a floor lamp in the corner of the room. If you are opting for a modern contemporary design then a funky design like a diabolo shade either in a gold or rose gold colour will stand out. Alternatively, if you prefer a traditional, summer house design, an eye catching lamp shade on a slimline base will perfectly complement the interior.

Abstract patterned rug

Bring warmth and a snug feeling to the room with a rug. A rug is an element that can tie the whole room together. With an understated design, choose a flamboyant, wacky rug to add that pop of colour. An abstract designed rug or a solid bold colour will add a funky touch to the room.

Dramatic chandelier/lighting

To finish the makeover opt for a dramatic chandelier that will sit centre stage within your garden room. This will be the cherry on the top as it will be a style icon in the day and illuminate the room during the evening.

vanguard lighting

Scatter cushions 

The beauty of scatter cushions is that you can match them according to seasons, occasions and events. Autumn is the time of year where we introduce darker autumnal colours such as khaki, rustic orange and burgundy. Now with Christmas less than a month away you can switch your cushions to something more festive, glittery and wintery! Choose a selection of larger and smaller cushions to give it more structure.

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Use these 5 simple tips as ideas to add vibrancy, style and a personal touch that makes your log cabin unique to you and your family. Share your design ideas with us by sending your photos to [email protected] and you could find them on our customer gallery.


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