New Garden Offices Helena and Titania


Fed up working from a room inside your home? Are you being distracted by the noise and chaos that surrounds you? Our new garden offices, Helena and Titania, may just be the answer to all your prayers.

Our new garden offices helena and titania may be the answer to all your prayers - helena customer image     Our new garden offices helena and titania may be the answer to all your prayers - Titania customer image

The pandemic introduced a new, flexible way of life to which people have become accustomed to. Working from home has vastly improved the home, work life balance for thousands of people as they are able to accept parcels they have ordered, be in for maintenance on their houses and find that they have more time in the evenings without balancing the evening commute.

However, working from home is not without its challenges. You are in a constant battle with friends, family members and interruptions that you would not get working in the office. Our new garden offices, Helena and Titania, truly give you the best of both worlds. You can have your very own office, but only a few steps away from the back door.

The similarities

The majority of the similarities in our new garden offices Helena and Titania are in the materials used. Our entire Garden Office range consists of some of the best materials on the market, meaning that you have a fantastic office whether you choose a Helena or a Titania.

Pressure treated timber

Both our Helena and Titania Garden Offices feature pressure treated timber. The kilns we use to dry out and treat the timber are extra large. This allows for the pre-cut timber to be completely submerged in the treatment so you are less likely to have exposed parts that can be common with dip treatment.

So why do we treat our timber? At Dunster House, we want to make the purchasing and construction of your Garden Building as easy as possible. By pressure treating the timber, we eliminate the need to annually treat your garden building. There is no need to deconstruct your Garden Office before

New garden offices helena and titania are pressure treated

Floor and Wall Insulated

The last thing you want when working from home, or relaxing with friends and family, is to be too hot or fighting off the chill. Our entire Garden Office features polyisocyanurate insulation throughout the pre-built panels.

We choose foil backed polyisocyanurate insulation as we believe it is the best on the market. The panel consists of the insulation, breathable membrane, framework, fibreboard and then the pressure treated shiplap exterior.

When we say our garden offices are fully insulated, we mean the IzoPanel rooftop. The roofing features polyisocyanurate foam insulation which has low thermal conductivity.

Insulated office Floor              Insulated office walls

Our insulation doesn’t stop there! All roofing is fully insulated with 100mm foam core panels for high thermal efficiency so your office will stay warm whatever the weather.

garden office insulated roof

28mm double glazed windows and doors featuring our industry leading 4mm toughened glass

When it comes to windows, we really know our stuff. We should – we have been in the windows and glass industry for over 25 years!

You may have been looking on the market and will have seen a variety of competitors stating their Garden Offices have double glazing. Ours is not only thicker, but also features 2 panes of 4mm toughened glass within the double glazed unit.

These 4mm panes of glass, which alone are some of the leading on the market, are separated by a 20mm aluminium spacer. Our entire unit has been specially designed by our research and development team, to absorb any moisture within the unit. That means you won’t have to deal with condensation on the windows when you first walk into your garden office.

Both our new garden offices helena and titania feature double glazed windows

Our windows all match BS EN 1279 standards. This helps you to be confident in your purchase; knowing that it reaches the high standards of insulated glass units, thermal and sound insulation.

The differences

We want you to wake up excited to go to work in your Garden Office which is why the differences between the offices is an aesthetic one. No matter which one you choose, you don’t have to give up any of the high end features.

Multi-Point Locking Windows

The main difference you will find between our Helena and Titania garden office is the placement of the windows. Whilst they both have our double glazed windows, they are in different places.

The Titania Garden Office features large vertical windows on either side of the doors, whereas the Helena’s windows are to one side. Both flood your Garden Office with natural light, it is down to personal preference which one you choose.

hybrid working garden office

Door Locking systems

Both of our new Garden Offices Helena and Titania have industry leading locking systems. Your office equipment, gym equipment or whatever valuables you choose to put in will be safe inside your garden office. The difference, however, is the amount of locks they have.

The Helena Garden Office boasts an 8 point locking system for our sliding patio door. If you choose to upgrade to the sliding door with a glass panel  (which is free and, again, down to personal preference), this increases to a 10 point locking system.
Our new Helena and Titania garden offices both feature industry leading locking systems.


multi-point locking system on all windows and doors

Our Titania garden office goes one step further and gives you a 12 point locking system. The locking systems for both are industry leading, so you can sleep safe knowing that whichever of our Garden Offices you choose, your security is key.
To learn more about our new Garden Offices, Helena and Titania, view our garden office range on our website. Alternatively, give our sales team a call on 01234 272445 to discuss any questions you may have.


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