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Homeowners often find themselves pondering the idea of house conservatories, whether you’re accommodating a growing family, needing more room, or additional storage.

Rear house conservatories are especially enticing as they provide opportunities to create extra rooms and enhance your living experience.

In this blog, we will dive into house conservatory , highlighting the exclusive Addroom conservatory alternatives from Dunster House. We’ll also discuss topics like conservatory costs, creative ideas, and more.

Rear House Conservatory Ideas

Addroom garden room house conservatory 4 x 3

Adding an Addroom conservatory to your home can have a significant impact on your living space. Giving you more flexibility for a space to add your very own office, games room, lounge, or dining room. The possibilities are endless.


Addrooms are constructed from high-quality WPC exterior walls (Wood Polymer Composite), an excellent material for outdoor buildings and applications. It combines the benefits of plastic and wood, making it low maintenance, water-resistant, and highly durable all year round. Plus, it’s budget-friendly compared to a traditional brick conservatory.


Addroom conservatory alternatives provide two attractive exterior wall options: a sleek groove effect or an impressive brick design. If you choose the groove effect finish, you have two options. You can either keep it as is or paint it in a colour that matches your home. Alternatively, you can paint it in a colour that makes it stand out.

Addroom garden room house conservatory 3 x 3

Alternatively, the brick effect walls are available in two distinct options: the traditional burgundy brick for a classic touch or a contemporary grey brick for a more modern aesthetic.

Addroom garden room house conservatory 5 x 3

All our options are visually appealing, so choose wisely!


Its good to mention that you can choose exactly how you want your conservatory to look with our Addroom modular range, where you get to decide where your windows and doors go to suit your preferences as well as your garden. With our Addrooms coming fully insulated and featuring secure, industry leading locking systems on all windows and doors, these are a popular cost effective choice for homeowners.


Conservatory Costing

Now let’s touch on the cost of a traditional conservatory. The price of a traditional conservatory can vary significantly based on factors like the size, design complexity, location, and the materials used. These variables can quickly drive up the overall cost.

What some people may not realise is that there are more affordable conservatory options to explore before making a decision. Addroom garden rooms, for instance, are designed to be budget-friendly without compromising on quality. By utilising cost-effective materials like WPC and optimising the construction process.

With our diverse range of sizes to choose from, ranging from small to larger rear conservatory garden rooms, you’ll discover that you can gain significantly more space at a fraction of the cost compared to others.

Our rear house conservatories offer an affordable and versatile alternative for expanding your living space, providing you with a stylish and comfortable environment that simply integrates with your garden, all while saving you money. Why compromise on space or budget when you can have both with an Addroom garden room?

Addroom garden room house conservatory 5 x 3

For additional inspiration on our Addroom garden room conservatory consider exploring our customer photo examples on all our product pages, showcasing how they’ve creatively utilised theirs!

If you want to learn why customers choose an Addroom over other alternatives, read more about how an Addroom can be a cost-effective option compaired to other alternatives. If your looking for a little more inspiration and why to choose an Addroom over a glass conservatory, check out our 30 second clip about our Addrooms for more inspiration and ideas on how you could benefit from one!


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