Shed Insulation How To Insulate Your Shed

With the cold weather in full force, you may be casting your mind back to your garden shed and its purpose. Our sheds are the perfect storage solution for packing away summer garden furniture or a place to store your garden tools and equipment whilst not in use. You may even decide to kit out your shed to become a garden bar!

With your garden shed being used more, you should probably make sure it is insulated properly. Having an insulated garden shed has many benefits.

Check out the below:

. Maximises the use of your shed
. Energy usages reduce
. Reduces moisture migration
. Noise levels reduce
. Increase the comfort inside 

As you can see there are a number of reasons why you should insulate your shed.


Preparing Your Shed

Before you start going in and applying your shed insulation, you will need to do a small amount of preparation. First of all, check over your garden shed to ensure it is all still intact and secure. If anything needs repairing or replacing now is the time to do so. Maybe a new shed is in store for your garden, if that’s the case be sure to check out our range of heavy-duty garden sheds.

Below we are going to go over some shed insulation materials, however you will need to measure the areas you want insulation for before purchasing. Most of the shed insulation will sit between the joists, so keep a note of these dimension so you don’t over order, or worse under order!

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Best Insulation For Sheds:
As you can imagine, there are a number of ways that you can insulate your garden shed, it may seem a little confusing as to which is the best option to go for. We have put some of best shed insulation suggestions below, so have a look and decide what would work best for your garden storage solution.

Insulation boards:

Insulations boards can be found at places like B&Q, Wickes, Homebase or local DIY Stores to you. Celotex or Kingspan are some of the popular brands to use. These boards can be used for most areas of the shed, so your floor, walls and roof. The boards will need to be cut and fitted to size and sit within the joists. For aesthetic purposes you may wish to cover these using plywood or MDF.

Foil-backed Bubble Wrap:

Whilst this isn’t as good as insulation boards, it is an alternative option. This will need to be cut down to size and stapled onto your shed walls. Like above, you may wish to cover it with plywood or MDF, it will provide a neater finish and shouldn’t take up too much room in your garden shed.

Fibreglass or Mineral Wool:

Both of these offer pretty much the same qualities for insulating your shed, with mineral wool it’s a lot less itchy and awkward to work with, as well as being denser and more fire-resistant. Both of these would be applied between the joists of your shed and then covered with MDF or plywood.

It is probably worth doing a bit more research on each individual material above, prices vary between each one so you may need to adjust your plan accordingly.

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Insulating Your Shed Floor:

If you have yet to erect your garden shed, you can look into putting insulation within the foundations of the shed, or creating a fake shed floor.

To install within the foundations, you will need to fix some wood near the top of the foundation joists, this will then allow you to fix the insulation boards to it. If you need to fill small gaps you can either cut down the boards to size or use some expanding insulation foam. Then simply cover this using the shed floor provided.

To build an extra floor, it is essentially putting the insulation boards on top of the shed’s floor and then covering that over with plywood or MDF. This can be an efficient way to ensure it is water tight should you decide to use an insulation sheet. Obviously if you opt for this type of shed floor insulation you will lose some height of your shed.

You are now ready to go with insulating your garden shed. As mentioned earlier make sure you have planned it properly! If you have decided a new shed might be in order, check out our garden shed range.


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