Make your Garden the Place to be for Summer Fun

Summer is fast approaching meaning you will soon be able to have long nights spent in the garden with your family and friends. After a long period of time indoors avoiding a seemingly endless winter, you need to get ready for long days which turn into evenings of summer fun. Whether you are planning nights together with your partner, or fun filled family activities, your garden should be the first place you look.

Basic grooming

After a long winter of harsh weather conditions, your lawn may be looking a little worse for wear. Take the time to mow your lawn and complete the little odd jobs that you have been putting off through the winter. A quick google will give you plenty of storage ideas for all the kids outdoor play toys.

Some Log Cabins, like ours, come with SideStores as an optional extra. This can go on the side of the Log Cabin and can act as a storage space for all the things you only want out when you are playing with them. Items such as bikes, outdoor toys and typical garden items.

If you are thinking of adding a Climbing Frame, and are looking to add a protective flooring, now would be the time to map it out.

Our Climbing Frames are perfectly safe to use on grass, the large circular galvanised steel pegs will keep it in place, but some customers like to add shingles or safety mats underneath them. Either options are fine, just be sure our fixings can be put into the ground to keep your Climbing Frame secure.

Summer Fun Garden Gazebo

Pick your socialisation space

People like to socialise in different ways so it’s important to consider how you would use the garden building. How do you prefer to socialise?

Do you prefer outdoor activities where you simply need a little shelter in case of sporadic rain showers? Or do you want somewhere to retreat from the stresses of day to day life? These are the questions you have to ask yourself before searching.

One of the main benefits of a Log Cabin is its versatility. It doesn’t have to be one set thing. It can be a place for you to fill full of fun activities for the kids to keep them entertained or a place for you to do the fun craft projects you’ve always wanted to.

At night it can be a shelter from the night chill as you settle down to watch a movie. The only limitation to a Log Cabins uses is your imagination.

Another popular option is a Gazebo. Ours are not regular Gazebos though, you won’t find the flimsy plastic poles or fabric top that blows away at the first sign of wind. Our Gazebos have extra thick posts using pressure treated timber so will stay standing come wind or rain.

Our range of Gazebos is fully customizable; you choose if you want to add full height walls, half height walls or a combination of half height and half louvre walls to let the sun in while keeping the rain out.

If you are a social butterfly who enjoys evenings full of laughter over a bottle of wine or a pint then our range of Pub Sheds and Garden Bars is just what you need.

They bring the night to you so you can reap the benefits of a night out, without the negatives. No more, club entry costs, expensive drinks or overly loud music. You can invite your family and friends round for a full day of summer activities before firing up the BBQ and letting the fun run late into the evening.

Summer Fun Garden Log Cabin

Choose your model

Once you have chosen how you want to use your garden, you need to choose a Garden Building that best compliments this. There are some key aesthetic decisions to make; what size garden building do you want?

Whether you choose a Gazebo, Garden Office or a Gazebo, our Garden Buildings have customisation options. Do you want an open Gazebo or one with walls? Do you want your Log Cabin to have a traditional or more modern look?

Kit it out

Summer Fun Garden Log Cabin Hot Tub
Now you have your Garden Building built in your garden, it’s time for the most important aspect – personalisation.

Do you want a pub feel to your Log Cabin? With a pool table, dart board and even a fully functional bar? Or is it more of a craft room that needs plenty of storage?

If you have chosen a Gazebo, what garden furniture do you want under there? A corner unit to maximise space or do you want separate chairs? Are you going to pick furniture that has storage underneath the cushions to eliminate two birds with one stone?

We know it can appear overwhelming but don’t worry. Visit our customer ideas and inspiration pages on our blog for ideas. Don’t forget to share your finished building on our review pages to inspire others.


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