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6 Great Summer House Decor Ideas and Inspiration Tips

When the sun is beaming, a garden summer house is the perfect solution to get some shade especially when the sun is at its peak during midday. You can transform your summer house into a chill-out spot, a place for arts and crafts, writing or reading. The idea behind a summer house is to escape into your own little world, so you want to make this garden room so beautiful, in order to make full use of it.

There are many wonderful things you can do to design your summer house. To give you a little helping hand, here are some of our garden summer house decorating ideas.


Paint colour

Make it your garden focal point, and choose a pretty paint colour! Using pastel shades will make your whole garden look bright and fresh. A lovely duck egg blue or mint green shades is quite a common paint colour to use on the exterior of the garden building. We have also seen many of our customers use a cream shade, which gives the summer house some warmth. Pale colours usually means you can mix and match the colour scheme of the soft furnishing that goes inside.

Alternatively, you can use a clear or stained timber treatment to show off the natural properties and colours of the wood.


Pretty fairy lights can really add a glow to your garden summer house. When the sun begins to set, and the evening approaches is when the garden lights make the structure look spectacular. Lights add a calm tranquil feel, not only to your garden room, but to the garden as a whole.

Solar lights are a great addition if you do not have outdoor access to electricity.

Summer House Decor Ideas - Log Cabin Lounge Area


There are many wonderful ideas for decorating inside a summer house. If you plan to spend a lot of time in your summer house to relax, you want to make it as cosy and comfortable as possible. Also, during the summer months, a garden room can make a great catch up location with a loved one. Cushions, a snug armchair or two and a small coffee table can make your summer house into the perfect outdoor living room.

Canvas photos and soft furnishing

Pretty prints on the wall, add a pop of colour to the inside space. Making it a lot more welcoming, where you don’t even realise that you are in a timber structure. Small succulent plants and coffee table books will give the inside of your summer house a little more character too. If you want to make it as cosy as possible, a cute fluffy rug is another interior element to add.


Stylish footpath

The garden building usually sits at the bottom of your garden, creating the illusion that you are as far away from day to day life as possible. Your summer house is your garden pride and joy, so make the journey to that room just as pretty. Make the walkway to your garden retreat eye catching, either by adding single slabs on the lawn or a paved trail.



Light drapes that hang across the windows adds privacy, as well as reducing any bright sunlight. Depending on your colour scheme you want quite a light pale colour so they don’t block all the sun out! White drapes will bring the whole inside together, making it feel complete too.


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