Things To Do In Self Isolation 5 Activity Ideas

The current situation that we are all currently going through is not ideal, nevertheless, think about all the positives of self isolation. Have you ever wanted to do something a little different or learn a new skill that you just haven’t had the time for? Well, this time that we are all spending at home is perfect. Better your skills and make the most of this time at home.

There are many new skills you can learn or improve, here are a few of our suggestions!

Learn a new language 

We all love an exotic holiday, but do you sometimes wish you could speak the language? Choose a language that you can make good use of either when going abroad with family or flying for business purposes. Learning a new language can be a challenge, however with the amount of spare time on our hands, now is the best time. Being bilingual is impressive, especially when applying for a new job too! There are many great resources available from a good traditional book, to a quick fun app. Depending on how you learn best you can either use video guides, use a workbook or just simply read at night.

Take a look at these online resources to start your language learning journey:

  • Duolingo
  • Babbel
  • Rossetta Stone
  • Hellotalk
  • Memrise
  • LinguaLift

Brush up on your baking and cooking skills 

Do you love a good homemade Victoria Sponge, but never really mastered the best bake? Baking requires a lot of time and patience, so if you have always aspired to be the next Mary Berry now is the best time!

With such busy lifestyles, going to work, taking the kids to school and cleaning can result in choosing the easy option when cooking. We would all love a healthy and clean diet, however when other day to day life responsibilities take over, cooking fresh every day isn’t a priority. Discover some healthy, fun and quick recipes now and really get the knack of cooking in preparation for that hustle and bustle!


Push yourself with an online course

Personal development is very important, however can get forgotten about and we often just settle with the skills we have. Every day you will come across something new that you are unaware of, but never really delve deeper to learn more. There are many online courses that you can try to really enhance your employability! Whatever industry you work in there is always more you can discover. Doing an online course can support your progress in your job. Find an online course that you want to better yourself in and start learning everyday!

Start enjoying your hobbies again

We all have something we enjoy doing for ourselves outside of work, family and just general day to day life. Start doing what you love again, whether that is knitting and sewing, brewing beer or fermenting wine. There are many great videos on Youtube that you can use to help you enjoy your hobby even more! So what are you waiting for? Start getting creative!

 DIY Creative

Find yourself a DIY project

Are you someone who loves a DIY project, whether that is making something new for the house or building something fun for the little ones. Being cooped inside the house all day can get a little overwhelming, so grab yourself some fresh air and give your garden some love! Get your garden ready for when this is all over, and you can immediately start spending time with your loved ones in the lovely sun!

DIY Garden Room

Make the best of a bad situation, start bettering yourself and brighten up the mood in your home!


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