What To Paint My Summer House With

When purchasing a garden building, you have all these creative wonderful ideas to make it yours! This is your project, you can go as crazy and wild as you want or as subtle and understated. Majority of garden rooms come untreated, so it is important to apply a treatment to increase its longevity. There are a range of treatments that you can use, depending on the look you want to achieve, as well as your budget. Here is some helpful advice for choosing what to paint your summer house with.

Wood Preserver

A solvent based treatment, which is known to penetrate the wood better unlike water based treatment as that can raise the grain of the wood. It is great fun choosing the colour, however quite daunting to actually have to paint it. Wood preservers don’t require a primer and typically require only two coats (thankfully)! In order to reduce decay and rot, this treatment contains water repellents which stops water getting into the wood.

Many retailers sell Wood Preserver, so it is very easy to get access to it. The lifespan is around 3 – 4 years, so you have got a couple of years of use before it will require another recoat. This type of treatment doesn’t contain any UV protection, so you may find with this that your log cabin may discolour over time.

Type: Solvent Based 

Lifespan: Up to 3 – 4 Years 

Colour Options: Dark Wood Colours

                 What to Paint my Summer House with - Wood Protective Treatment

Timber Eco Shield

Timber Eco Shield is a water based wood stain that provides your garden building with a traditional matt wood stain finish. This treatment has been designed using the latest nanotechnology which leaves a waterproof finish, with a module inhibitor and a fade resistant colour. It is recommended for use on pressure treated timbers. It is easy to apply and dries very quickly, meaning you will have your summer house painted within the same day! There is no requirement to use a primer or base coat.

Type: Water Based 

Lifespan: Up to 2 – 5 Years 

Colour Options: Dark Wood Colours

What to Paint my Summer House with - Timber Eco Shield Protective Wood Stain

Block Treatment

The Royal Finish wood treatment is one of the finest out on the market. It is water based and contains linseed oil. There are a wide variety of colours, allowing you to add more of colour rather than a stain to your garden room. It is recommended to use a primer on the base, when using a lighter colour scheme. The price range of the treatment is a lot dearer, however it is a lot more long lasting, with a rough life span of 3-5 years. As well as providing you with a rich colour, the structure is water resistant with mould and fungal protection.

Type: Linseed Oil and Water Based 

Lifespan: Up To 3 Years 

Colour Options: Wide Variety

                What to Paint my Summer House with - Protek Royal Exterior Wood Finish

What can I paint the interior of my garden building with?

When painting the inside of your garden room use a water based paint rather than a solvent. Solvent based treatments tend to be very strong in smell and can linger for a while. You don’t want to find that the internal space is out of order until the odour descends. Please know: Nearly all our summer houses, garden offices and log cabins come with vents as standard.


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