Wooden Hot Tub


If you are thinking of purchasing a wooden hot tub from a hot tub seller (Dunster House does not provide hot tubs), then you may want to read this quick guide to help you with your own research to help you decide if a garden structure is the right thing for you.

Bring the spa home with a garden hot tub, enjoy the fresh air whilst sitting in a steamy whirlpool hot tub. Keep the garden open all year round with a relaxing hot tub – ideal for garden party fun, spa days or even stress relief.

Make the most of the garden unwinding on your own, or host some of the best garden parties with your friends and family. Hot tubs come in all shapes, sizes and styles meaning there is a hot tub suitable for everyone.

Many factors can come into play when choosing the right hot tub for your garden, lifestyle and budget. Here is a small insight into the range of hot tubs out on the market.

Blow-Up Hot Tubs

Inflatable hot tubs are perfect for those evenings where you fancy a bit of relaxation however, don’t have space for a permanent one. This style of a hot tub is convenient, cost-effective and still as powerful as a luxury style hot tub. There are many models of blow-up hot tubs that come with air jets and a water bubbling function.

Wooden Hot Tub Blow Up Jacuzzi

Luxury Home Jacuzzi

Take the garden hot tub to another level with a luxury Jacuzzi which either comes with a wood effect or acrylic on the outer body. If your garden is big enough to accommodate a hot tub that can stay out all year round, then the luxury style may work for you. Naturally, these are more aesthetically pleasing and robust.

Wooden Hot Tub Acrylic Luxury Jacuzzi under a Gazebo Garden Shelter

Are there health benefits to using a hot tub?

Yes, it is said that there are a number of health benefits to using a wooden hot tub. Therefore, having one sitting conveniently in the garden can be the answer to many things. Relief stress, muscle tension and stiffness within joints. After working a long day, an outdoor hot tub is an investment that can calm, relax and wash your stress away.

Home Spa 

Bring that spa experience to the garden. Set the mood with relaxing scents and oils, ambient lighting and calming sounds. Turn this area into a year-round accessible space by adding a wooden garden structure.

House the hot tub with a shelter and give the area some real character and life. The natural grain of the wooden gazebo adds style without too much fuss. Wooden products are popular due to their functionality of creating a modern, timeless or ephemeral feel to any area. From roofed wooden gazebos to open pergolas, there is something perfect out there for your garden hot tub. Placing a garden structure over a hot tub what adds style and class, giving you the privacy your garden needs. If you have a open garden design or just nosey neighbours, a garden structure is the perfect choice for you!

We offer timeless designs what will take your garden to the next level! Take a look at some of our customer examples, to give you an idea on how you can turn your garden wooden hot tub into the perfect home spa!

Wooden Hot Tub Erin Gazebo Wooden Hot Tub Utopia Gazebo Wooden Hot Tub Atlas Gazebo

For more ideas and inspiration read our article on Hot Tub Shelter Ideas.

Add an element of fun and relaxation to your home with a garden wooden hot tub – an addition to the garden you won’t regret.  Learn about the different types of garden hot tubs and how you can make the perfect home spa with one!


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