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Building Regulations
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Building regulations can be complicated but for most purposes that apply to our customers they are defined by use, size of the building, and location of building; so providing you meet the criteria below which considers how big the building is, what you want to use your garden building for, and where you will site it or otherwise protect it against fire then you should not need to worry about them.

Please be aware that Dunster House buildings are not designed to meet building regulations, as the overwhelming majority of our customers do not need to meet them. Nevertheless, your circumstances may be different so if you are buying one of our buildings then you should ensure that in your own circumstances you are also not going to use the building in a way that will require building regulations.

Building regulations are of course meant to apply to larger, more heavily used buildings than your typical garden building anyway (such as houses, hospitals, factories etc.) so there is nothing wrong in ensuring that the way in which you use your garden building simply avoids the need to meet them.

We suggest that you ask yourself these questions in order to avoid the need for building regulations.

Just to make life that bit easier, here at Dunster House we also sell a paint on Class O fire retardant, so if you are buying a building that is over 15 square metres in internal floor space and you do plan to site your garden building within 1m of a boundary, you can just add it to your order! Alternatively, you could save yourself some money and simply place your (over 15 square metres) garden building more than 1m away from any boundaries. Of course, if the building you're buying is under 15 square metres in internal floor space then there is no need to do either of these things.

The above information is intended as a guide only and not legal advice, you can make your own checks by reading further at Government Planning Portal

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