27 September 2023 - Log Cabins and Summerhouses

John’s Multi-Purpose Garden Hut

John’s Multi-Purpose Garden Hut

John fulfilled his dream of having a multifunctional garden hut by building his own log cabin. For a long time he has wanted to build a log cabin in his garden, and finally took the plunge with our Severn 5m x 3m. The log cabin has extended his home living space and his wife’s work space, as well as providing somewhere for more family time.


Building a DIY Log Cabin

To make way for his new garden hut, John removed the old prefab garage that previously stood outside his house. Once the area was cleared, he then took time to prepare his base ready for the arrival of his log cabin. This is because he knew the importance of ensuring there was a flat level surface to build on. He also made sure the existing concrete foundation was large enough to fit the size of his new garden building.

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John says that the log cabin is “so beautifully made, that it was an absolute joy”, and he is happy to have finally built one. Although some people may feel that building a DIY log cabin is a daunting task, John relished the thought, and got his garden hut up and running in just a couple of days. He found the process “fairly simple” and managed to do it all by himself, with a little help from his wife. He was “amazed at how it all fitted so perfectly together”. In no time at all, he had the log cabin he had always dreamed of.

John opted for a log cabin summer house with 45mm wall thickness and double glazed windows and doors. He finds that the garden building heats up very easily and retains heat well, creating a comfortable living space for use all year round. This means the log cabin remains warm inside during the colder months, and stays cool on hotter days. The wide double doors provide good access, while the domestic style locking systems ensure security.

A Multi-Purpose Garden Hut

The log cabin was originally intended as a home office space for John’s wife. But it soon turned into somewhere for the whole family to enjoy as well. John’s wife is a psychotherapist counsellor, so it was important she had a private area to work and meet with clients. It makes the ideal safe space in the privacy of the garden, so John’s wife can now work peacefully without any interruptions from inside the house.

Home furnishings were added to the interior of the garden room, including a comfy sofa, cushions, curtains and blinds. Alongside this is a desk, storage shelves and office equipment for work use. The end result is an inviting space where visitors can feel comfortable and at ease. The exterior is painted in a natural brown colour that blends in beautifully with the rest of John’s garden.

Garden Hut Log Cabin Home Office Desk and Office Equipment

Garden Hut Log Cabin Lounge Sofa

Measuring 5m x 3m, the garden hut is a spacious area with plenty of room. When not being used by John’s wife for work purposes, the log cabin becomes a family room. The grandchildren love it and always end up playing in there when they come to visit. Having a garden room has really benefited their family life, as well as John’s wife’s work.

Watch the video below to explore John’s garden hut, and see how he made his dream a reality.

Range of Garden Buildings

We offer a wide range of garden buildings in various sizes and styles, ideal for creating your own garden hut. Whether you have a large or small garden, you are sure to find something to suit your needs. Maybe you need extra living room for a lounge area, play room or garden office. Or perhaps you could do with additional garden storage space. Whatever you want the room for, a log cabin is the ideal multipurpose building.

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