27 September 2023 - Log Cabins and Summerhouses

Ben and Naomi’s Log Cabin Pub

Ben and Naomi’s Log Cabin Pub

Ben and Naomi moved into a new build home with their young family, meaning all the rooms inside the house were occupied. As a couple, both Ben and Naomi love entertaining friends and family and are also the party hosts between their social groups. With a limited amount of space inside the house, they decided to venture outside into their garden and build a log cabin pub.

Explore Ben and Naomi’s Log Cabin Pub

Inside the Log Cabin Pub Shed!

The North family’s garden is very wide, however, the left-hand side which never received any sun, became a dead space. Therefore, they decided to utilise this space with a year-round log cabin. The 3m x 5m Avon pub shed has brought the whole garden to life. Especially since they have also created a decked area in front with seating and a hot tub.


Log Cabin Pub - Avon 3m x 5m


The exterior of the log cabin is painted white with black windows, doors and fascia. Using these colours really compliments the inside interior of the pub shed which is rustic and traditional.

With a long garden pub shed, the bar sits at the bottom, which is fully stocked with drinks, snacks and bar stools. As you walk into the bar, there are tables and chairs for all guests to sit comfortably. On the wall, there is memorabilia and a large projector screen for movies, football and music.


Log Cabin Pub Bar

Log Cabin Pub Interior


Ben and Naomi have certainly used their pub shed for more than just a drinking area though. They have had fun family nights with their two children, where they have takeouts, movie nights and games nights. In addition, during lockdown, they had many socially-distanced gatherings with family in their garden building, including Christmas.

There are a number of personal touches added to the pub shed, making it a real fun place for the whole family and all their guests to enjoy day and/or night.

Building a Dunster House Cabin 

Ben is an electrical engineer by trade, so managed to get the log cabin up by himself with help from his friends. In less than half a day they had 80% of the structure built.

Ben said, “It came on Saturday morning, and even by Saturday afternoon we got the majority of it completed – It just slots together really. I had a few friends around, a few beers, and chucked it up. By Sunday afternoon it was up and built, it was waterproof.”

If you like the sound of Ben and Naomi’s Log Cabin Pub, check out the video below. You can get a full tour as they talk you through their amazing creation and experience.



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