26 September 2023 - Garden Offices

Video Competition – Dunster House TV!

Video Competition Dunster House TV

Dunster House TV (DHTV), the new garden building hub on YouTube giving you inspiration on how to make full use of your garden. Featuring cool log cabins, arcade games rooms, insulated garden offices, craft cabins and more.

Lost for ideas on how you could possibly transform your garden? Short on space and could do with some extra room? DHTV is the place to be! With regular videos of customers’ transformations giving you all the inspiration you need in less than a couple of minutes.

The idea started one day when we thought about how many wonderful photos and videos we receive from our wonderful customers. Showcasing these fabulous transformations only meant one thing, getting it out there on the YouTube world! Starting any new project requires that little bit of research and thinking time but to make that project a little easier for you we thought about making themed videos on customers that now couldn’t live life without their garden building.

Whenever we have a limited amount of space, choosing to make do sometimes just doesn’t cut it. Alternatively many of us think about extending homes, which is a long process that requires a lot of time, build work and hassle. If you are tight on space, looking for something long term yet cost effective garden buildings are the answer!

A garden building is no different to any other room in your home other than it sits outside in your garden. You may question the warmth, the security and durability. With the garden building market constantly growing, the innovative designs that include insulation, double glazed windows and 4-point locking systems make the overall room feel no different to what you use inside the house.

Meet some of our Dunster House TV guests:

Andy and Rose – Arcade Log Cabin 

Andy and Rose transformed their log cabin into an arcade games room with some fun gaming gear. They wanted a place to escape and enjoy the company of their family. With a sports bar, pool table and Pac Man machine you would never want to leave!

Dunster House TV - Terminator Log Cabin   Dunster House TV - Arcade Log Cabin

Does this sound like something you and your family need? Go and explore Andy and Rose’s cabin now!

Tim – Studio and Hobby Room 

Tim turned his log cabin into a studio where he works from distraction free, especially as he has such a young family. Trying to find that work-life balance was difficult for him to find inside his home, so he ventured out. The inside is dedicated to his work, alongside a guitar or two that he plays during his breaks!

Dunster House TV - Tim's Log Cabin Interior

Want to find a better work-life balance? Discover Tim’s Studio log cabin now!

David – Garden Office 

David runs his own business, and worked for a year or so from a spare bedroom, which wasn’t practical yet it made do. Eventually, David decided that his garden has a large free spot that wasn’t doing very much, and could easily accommodate a garden office. He now works from his luxurious, airy office for those long productive days. This leaves his home for those chill out times with the family!

Dunster House TV - Davids Helena Garden Office

Take a tour around his garden and see the amazing garden office set up he has now!

Gardens are not just a place to enjoy during the summer. They are perfect for year round use with a garden building in place! If you can never find the space inside your home, there is always enough out in the garden to use!

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