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Change 4 Life

Supported by Dunster House


Change 4 Life Logo - Promoting a healthy active lifestyle for children

Dunster House is proud to announce its support for the Change 4 Life campaign!

We understand that by promoting healthy eating and encouraging active out-of-home play, which our position as manufacturers of children’s climbing frames allows us to do, we can help more people to eat well, move more and live longer!

Small steps can lead to BIG changes; it’s as simple as that. Skipping the car ride and walking the kids to school instead, hiding the remote and taking the kids down to the park to play or even swapping that can of coke for a glass of milk. They may seem small, but added up, they can lead to significant lifestyle changes.

Change 4 Life - Encouraging active outdoor play with a children's climbing frame

That said we all know that change, however small, can be hard. That’s where Dunster House and Change4Life can help! 

One small change that can be made is ‘Up & About’. Anything that gets their hearts beating faster than usual can help avoid disease in the future, promote good bone density and muscle growth whilst also providing a fun, sociable and confidence-building activity.

Change 4 Life logo people throwing frisbee

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