Explore Dunster Houses’ Contemporary Garden Office Range

Buying and building your Contemporary Garden Office does not need to be stressful!


Imagine the freedom of having your own office space without the hassle of needing any planning permission*! Our contemporary garden offices are manufactured from slow grown spruce wood, to maximise durability and longevity, providing you a workspace to focus, away from any distractions. With our DIY-friendly designs, you can enjoy a quicker installation process, allowing you to start reaping the benefits sooner.

Experience the joy of working in a space filled with natural light, thanks to our double glazed windows and doors. Whether you’re tackling a big project or simply enjoying a moment of inspiration, our garden offices offer the perfect environment to unleash your creativity.



We know personalisation is key when creating an environment you can thrive in, after all at least eight hours of our lives are spent at work every day. Our panel system allows you to place the windows in a way that suits your garden best*.

Our Contemporary Garden Office range does not need planning permission meaning the choice is entirely your own.

You can paint your Garden Office to suit your style, preference and budget. The exterior can be painted using a multi surface paint, whilst the MDF interior simply needs an emulsion paint. There is a wide variety of choices available in local hardware stores, giving you endless decorating potential.

Impress your guests, clients or friends and family as you throw open the double opening doors and step inside. The large opening not only allows plenty of light and fresh air into your office during hot days, but prevents larger office items from getting stuck so it is that much easier to decorate.

A striking high ceiling ensures even those of you six foot and over will be able to comfortably move around inside.

dominator garden office painted version 4.5 x 3.5

Maintaining your garden office?

The only maintenance you’ll need is to treat the wood to maximise the life of your new garden office. There’s a wide variety of choices available in your local hardware store. Why not paint your garden office to suit your style or match the aesthetics of your house? The exterior can be painted using one of our coloured paints we offer.

Insulated Garden Studio Office Dunster House Customer Image 7

Your Own and Unique Style!

When it comes to our offices, we offer a vide variety of styles and designs, so pick and choose one that impresses you, as well as any guests , clients or friends, as you throw open the double opening French doors and step inside! The large opening of the doors and windows not only allows plenty of natural light, but allows lots of fresh air inside during them warmer days.

Our offices are the perfect height for you and me, with a striking high ceiling ensures you’ll be able to move comfortably around inside.

When the working day is done, you can rest safe in the knowledge that your office is safely secured by our multipoint locking point system. These, along with the multipoint locking system installed on the windows, will keep your belongings safe and secure until you gather the Monday blues feeling!

Whether you use your garden building as an office, home gym, family room or a simple retreat from a chaotic house, everything about our garden offices are designed to make a difference in your life.

The new and improved way to extend your living space. Avoid the hassle of an extension, and opt for one of our Dominator Garden Offices that provides a simular purpose to a house extension but for a fraction of the price and time! Our Dominator garden offices are manufactured from high-grade, slow grown spruce wood and never cheap pine like some competitors.

Our Dominator Garden Offices are completely customisable and require minimal maintenance.  If you are placing your new Garden Office in the bottom corner of your garden, why not place both windows on one wall so you block out the view of the fence and let the sun stream through.  Alternatively, have a window on both sides to help create increase air flow on hot days. All you need to do is build it and treat the wood how you like, by treating the exterior with a preservative and painting it, you’ll maximise the longevity of your garden office.

The wooden exterior compliments any garden surroundings due to the natural tones. As well as uplifting the dynamics of the garden. If you choose to paint your office, why not opt in for one of our premium paints and get painting to match the aesthetics of your house and style.

Stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter with this year-round home office. Fully insulated using SuperFOIL preinstalled in the walls and roof, then simply unroll across the bearers for floor insulation. With any Dunster House garden room security is one of our top priorities, coming with multipoint locking windows and doors. Our windows and doors also are fitted with internal beading to secure the glazing in place.

How do you plan to use your Garden Office? Honestly, the possibilities are endless! Garden offices provide a number of practical and leisure uses, it just depends on what you’re limited to inside your home.

Working from home is now the new norm, so why not venture out to the garden and create the perfect home office? There is no place like home, especially when there is a pub shed, games room or cinema room in the garden!

Our Titania Garden Office range offers a rich pressure treated timber finish, a flawless fit and come with a 10 year guarantee. If you are looking for a stylish, modern garden office space then our Titania range is for you.


All four of our Titania Garden Offices are fully insulated with Polyisocyanurate, helping you beat the chill during winter months. The Titania features 28mm double glazing within the price helping you keep the noise – and your energy bills – down. As the weather warms up, wide opening french doors allow sun to stream into your new office space.


We want you to be able to design your garden office to your personal style and budget. The garden office kit is delivered to you in plain panels, with the interior made of fire resistant gypsum fibreboard. This long lasting material is easy to paint or wallpaper, the possibilities are endless!


Whether you are looking for a garden office for professional purposes or you simply want a modern space to unwind in, our Titania Garden office will tick all the right boxes.

The Helena Garden Office puts the power in your hands. Choose between a large floor to roof single sliding patio door with a secure 8-point locking system or upgrade for free and choose a single opening door with a glass side panel and a 10-point locking system.

With the exception of our luxurious Helena W7.6m x D3.3m, which boasts a door in the middle of the office, you can choose whether your Garden Office space opens to the left or the right. These contemporary garden rooms suit all tastes; whether you want the extra space to work from home, build a home gym or a stylish art studio.