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Do I need planning permission?

So you’ve found a beautiful Dunster House Garden Building and you’re wondering if planning permission is required to put it up.

Well we’ve made up a simple guide for you to see if your building is going to be considered to be Permitted Development and therefore not need Planning Permission. Please be aware this guide is intended for Dunster House Buildings Only. 


Not all building projects will require permission, as they are classed as ‘permitted development’. Garden buildings generally fall into this category, but must meet certain criteria. This includes:

  • Siting the building in the grounds of a residential property, separate from the main house.
  • The building being for temporary or recreational use only, NOT permanent accommodation.
  • The size of the building not covering more than half the original land are of the house.
  • The building being positioned behind the front of the house.
  • The building being only one storey high.
  • The building not being over 4m high, or over 2.5m if it is within 2m of a boundary.
  • The eaves height of the building being under 2.5m.
  • There being no raised platforms over 0.3m high.
  • The house not being a listed property, or in a designated area of outstanding natural beauty, national park, world heritage site, or conservation area.
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