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Do I Need Planning Permission for a Shed?


When purchasing a new shed it is important to understand whether you need to apply for planning permission or not. There is a criteria that needs to be hit in order for you not to have to apply. 


This article covers:



The Basic Criteria: 



The above criteria is applicable to houses and not to maisonettes, flats or other buildings. If you are considering a garden shed for one of those premises, please consider the appropriate criteria to the that property. 




These are just guidelines, so if you are still unsure whether the design of your shed meets the criteria of permitted development, take a look at Class E structures in this guide posted by the government - Permitted development rights for householdersAlternatively, please get in contact with your local authority and they will be able to guide you. 


The Boundary Distance


One of the most common questions that gets asked is ‘how far does a shed have to be from a fence?’ or ‘what is the minimum distance between a shed and fence?’.


If the location of your shed is less than 2 metres away from the boundary the shed can be no larger than 2.5 metres high. Luckily, all Dunster House products do not exceed the height of 2.5 metres. Therefore, you can place the shed as close as you want to a boundary (example fence), without the concern of planning permission.


The Biggest Dunster House Shed


The largest size shed that we offer is W3m x D5m - Latli Heavy Duty Pressure Treated Shed. As you can see the Latli is only 2.48m in height (under the planning permission requirements). 

Sheds & Storage Avoid Planning Permission Latli 3.0x4.8 

We offer a wide selection of other sheds to suit your style of garden. With a variety of features, shapes and sizes there will never be a reason for you to turn away. 


Explore our wide range of sheds here now! 


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