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What are the features of a Dunster House Garage?

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trent wooden garage in the garden

There are many reasons why our garages are purchased. It could be for use as a workshop or to protect your prized vintage car you've been working on from bad weather, and we're sure there are many more reasons behind purchases. That's why we haven't spared anything on our garages.




pressure treated bearers

Our garages sit on 32mm x 47mm perimeter bearers. The bearers are pressure treated, coming with a 10 year guarantee against rot and insect infestation, which allows them to be in contact with the ground constantly, providing a platform for the walls to sit on.



The walls of the garages are made using spruce. This is a whitewood so produces a lot less sap than pine, so there's less risk of sap marking your prized car. The walls of the garages come in thicknesses of 19mm, 28mm and 45mm, much like our log cabins. An explanation of wall thicknesses can be found here.


Our walls go together much like Lego bricks. Using an interlocking tongue and groove method, it allows for easy construction and a structurally stable garage. We use deeper tongues and longer grooves than our competitors in our garden buildings. This allows for natural expansion of timber due to the weather, while minimising the possibility of gaps forming between logs.

The windows on the garages are available in single and double glazed, the single option uses 4mm toughened glass and the double uses 14mm. This means for strong window panes that are less likely to break compared to others found on competitor products. These opening windows have the option of Georgian bars which, when fitted, sit against the glass frame instead of floating in front. The bars are easy to remove for maintenance or a change of style. For more information on our windows and doors please click here.
garage windowTo keep the windows open while you're working, each of the windows have stay arms. These help to stop the windows from slamming shut, potentially breaking the glass, during high winds. For added security the windows have a standard locking system.





The side doors found on the garages use gate style hinges to give a more rustic feel to the garage. This is combined with a Standard Locking System (Latch & Deadbolt) to help secure your vehicle and tools. The main garage door has a choice between having wooden barn doors, a metal garage door or having no main door at all.


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