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Garden Office Maintenance Guide



All the Garden Offices we build at Dunster House are built to last. However to prolong its life and protect your investment, we recommend that you perform regular maintenance in a number of key areas.


Below you will find a garden office key area maintenance checklist, which we have created a supplementary guide for.


How to …



How to position your garden office correctly


Ideally, you should position your garden office away from overhanging trees, as consistent exposure to water can cause prolonged problems with damp and moisture. If you need to cutback any trees or shrubs make sure that you consider future growth.


If your garden is particularly exposed to the elements and retains a lot of moisture, positioning your office at the highest point of the garden creates natural drainage. Fitting guttering to your garden office can also help to redirect damaging water and is an investment worth considering.


How to ensure your garden office foundations are adequate

If you have purchased our PremiumPlus RapidPad Foundation system and the Installation Service you won't need to worry

about creating a level base. The install team will take care of this by installing the PremiumPlus RapidPad Foundations for you.

If the timber of your garden office is beginning to crack, twist or break significantly, then it is most probably sat on an unsuitable base. This problem should be avoided by carefully considering the weight bearing of the base you intend to use. If this is the case, you will need to do remedial works to level the base to maintain your garden office's structural integrity.


Creating a suitable base for your garden office


A concrete base is commonly used and, if built correctly, offers a fantastic foundation solution for your garden office building. However, at Dunster House, we offer a more cost effective and easier to install alternative in the form of our RapidPad foundation system.








The PremiumPlus RapidPad includes all of the makings of the Premium RapidGrid along with heavy duty plastic pedestals and screw tops which attach to bearers. This option allows for a slightly uneven ground compared to the Premium RapidGrid. For more information on the PremiumPlus RapidPad please click here.





If the ground that your garden sits on is particularly steep sloped, making the creation of a level and resilient base particularly problematic, you may need to consider using a concrete base. If this is the case, you may want to seek a consultation from expert tradesmen.


How to make sure your garden office's doors and windows remain in working order


Making sure that your garden office's door and windows remain in good working order is an essential part of protecting it against damp and moisture.


Double glazed windows like the ones used to build Dunster House garden offices offer the best protection.


During the winter months, the hinges of both doors could seize up if left untended. To prevent this from happening you should regularly oil the hinges of all the windows found in your garden office, ensuring that they remain easy to open.


At Dunster House, we’re committed to making sure you get the best so if you have any questions, we’re happy to help! Contact us if you need any help or further information.