At Dunster House, we specialise in offering simple DIY-friendly products for our customers to install themselves, ensuring quick answers to their needs. Our products are designed for easy installation, accompanied by user-friendly pictorial instructions. Among our selection, a wooden gazebo stands out as a delightful and straightforward garden project, providing both beauty and simplicity for your outdoor space.

Where should I put my gazebo in my garden?

You can position a gazebo almost anywhere in a back garden. If you want to make a cosy seating area or discreet hot tub zone you may choose to tuck it into a corner, allowing space between it and the boundary of your garden. Or you might wish for it to be more of a central feature, such as over a dining table. In any case, it can equally look great in the middle of a garden.

Wooden Gazebo in the Garden

How to fix a gazebo to paving slabs?

If you have any concerns about how to fix your gazebo to the flat and level surface you are installing it onto, you can use the L-Brackets included in your fixing pack (for Chunky Gazebos only). These attach to the feet of the upright posts, as shown in the picture below. We would not advise burying the timber into the ground, but you can still make it nice and secure.


How to fix a gazebo to decking?

You can also choose to install your gazebo onto a decked area, provided that it is level. It can either stand freely or be attached with L-Brackets using the same method as above. This is a popular choice, particularly if you have a hot tub, and can make a lovely decked seating area.


How do you waterproof a wooden structure (gazebo)?

To ensure that your wooden gazebo is fully protected from the elements, we recommend applying a clear water repellent to the timber. The wood is pressure treated however, which means that it is more resistant to absorbing moisture and therefore resistant to rotting. So if you do want to apply water repellent you do not need to do so as often.

Did you know you can also get clear water repellent in a spray form, adding an extra layer of protection to your structure?

If you feel you could make more out of your wooden gazebo, why not add some guttering and a water butt to collect that valuable water to use on your plants!


What should I put under my gazebo?

Gazebos are a versatile garden structure. They are very popular amongst entertainers, as they can house garden bars, hot tubs, dining areas and lounge areas. Alternatively, you might want to opt for a garden pergola or a garden arbour as a stunning centrepiece for your garden, with plants climbing up it and pretty flowerbeds at its feet. What would your garden structure say about you?

As the weather warms up and the evenings become lighter, a hot tub is the ideal addition to any garden. A hot tub is perfect when you come home from a hard day at work and need that little bit of relaxation. See more Hot Tub Shelter Ideas and designs.


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