A wooden gazebo is the perfect addition to any garden. No matter how big or small your garden is there is always space for a gazebo.

Depending on where you plan to locate your gazebo, you may be wondering the best way of laying a base for a wooden gazebo. This is a key part when purchasing any garden structure or building, so start considering this from very early on. There are many ways to lay a gazebo base but in order to make sure it is going to provide the support for your garden building you should follow these important steps.
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Choose your spot 

When deciding on your gazebos location, you can also have a think about what kind of base you will be installing it onto.  A gazebo can be built onto concrete, paving slabs or decking.

The fundamentals to any base are that it needs to be flat, level and square. Concrete tends to be the best base for a gazebo, but if you already have a paved or decked area in your garden, the gazebo is suitable to sit on that too.

When Laying a Base for a Wooden Gazebo it Needs to be Flat, Level and Square - Concrete Base

If you choose a concrete base, continue to follow these quick and simple steps…

Mark out your area

When preparing a concrete base, the first thing you need to do is mark out the area that you will be using. Try using stakes and string to mark the area where the gazebo will be built. Make sure that the area is square and that the corners are at 90-degree angles or this can cause the structure to be on a slope so it wont be safe for usage.

Dig your foundations

You might wish to excavate some foundations for your concrete base, approximately 200mm deep for the base to sit in. This helps to flatten the surface, and you should use a spirit level to make sure that it is completely straight and that any incline is levelled.

Add compacted hardcore

Many customers like to add a layer of well-compacted hardcore at the bottom of the foundations to pour the concrete onto. If you choose to do so, you may need to use some timber to frame the hardcore and hold it in place.

Pour on the concrete

You can then add the concrete mixture and be sure to level it off using spare timber or some tools. Many customers decide to get a local builder or handyman to lay the concrete for them. After the base is ready, the rest of the build is easy for the competent DIYer to complete.

Laying a Base for a Wooden Gazebo - Example of a Suitable Base


Double, Triple Check

If your base is not completely square and level, the build of your gazebo will be more difficult and you may find that your gazebo develops problems in the long term. Before you start building, double check that the base is flat using a spirit level and then keep one close to hand as you will need to continue using it as you build up the walls. If the spirit level indicates that the base is uneven you will need to use packers.

How can I secure my gazebo to the ground?

When erecting a wooden gazebo on a flat and level base, you may want to secure the posts to the ground. This can be done with L brackets which are included with particular gazebos. Simply fix these to the feet of the upright posts, as shown in the picture. We would not advise burying the timber into the ground. If you require L brackets, please confirm with us whether they are supplied with your chosen structure or not.

Laying a Base for a Wooden Gazebo - Securing the Gazebo to the Ground with an L Bracket  

There are a number of other options that you may wish to choose from when laying a base for a wooden gazebo. For more information, get in touch with our team on 01234 272445.

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