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How to Attach the Ropes of Your BabySeat Swing

1. Make a loop with and pass the rope attached to the baby seat through the metal ring as shown.


2. Pass the “S-Clip” end of the separate rope through the loop you created.


3. Double back the end of the rope you just passed through the loop, and feed the whole assembly through the metal ring. Ensuring it stays within the loop of rope you created earlier.


4. Pull the rope through Create a loop again with the loose end of the separate rope and open the bar on the “S-Clip”. Feed the loop through the open end of the “S-Clip” with the bar open as shown.


5. Close the bar on the end of the S-Clip as shown


6. Pull the rope tight and it will be held by the bar on the S-Clip.

7. Repeat this process on the other rope.


8. You can now attach the baby seat to the climbing frame as per usual using the swing hooks provided.

a. You must remove one of the existing swing seats to attach the babyseat

b. Do not attach additional swing hooks to the swing beam as this will void your warranty.


9. The rope lengths can be adjusted as normal.


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