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Toilet Cubicle
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Cubicle Locking System

Extras Cubicle Locking System
Cubicle locking system
Gain access to the John Toilet Cubicle via the solid timber door which comes with a strong and secure 1-point locking system. The stylish timber door is not only aesthetically pleasing but is highly durable and allows individuals to use the facilities in complete privacy. 

Removable Tank

Extras Removable Tank
Removable Waste Cassette
All the waste from the toilet is deposited into the removable waste cassette that is removed from the rear exterior hatch of the log cabin. Carry the cassette out of the hatch and use the orange rotating emptying spout to dispose of the waste either in a domestic toilet or legal waste disposal ground. To know how full the waste cassette is, there is a colour indicator to refer to from the front of the toilet basin through a small window. 

Pump Sink

Soap dispenser for eco toilet
Wase water box
Fresh Water Tank
The freshwater tank (base of the basin) holds a total of 17 litres of water which is released using the large black pedal located on the tank. Each pump produces 220ml of water providing enough for a vast amount of uses. Alongside this, there is a 3L hand soap dispenser that can be filled up with a liquid soap of your choice and a towel rail. 

28mm Wall Profile

Extras 28 MM Wall Profile
28mm wall profile
The walls of the toilet cubicle are made from the same 28mm thick spruce timber as our log cabins. This means that you can feel confident in the strength and longevity of the cubicle. The matching timber also means that you can think of it as a part of your cabin.

Wastewater System

Soap dispenser for eco toilet
Wastewater System
The John Toilet Cubicle has been designed in an eco-friendly way to save on water wastage. When water is released to be used to wash hands, that water then travels through to the toilet which is then used to flush the waste in the toilet. Alternatively, there is an option to add extra water directly to the toilet to flush it.

Have a question?

Does the toilet door lock?

Yes. You access the toilet cubicle through the single timber door which is fitted with a strong door handle and a one point locking system.

What are the dimensions of the cubicle?

The cubicle is approximately W1.5m x D1.2m with a height of 2.03m. Internally it is 1.8m2.

Can I plumb my toilet in?

Yes, you can fit the toilet into a plumbing system, as well as use it as a portable toilet.

What material is the toilet and basin made of?

The toilet and basin system is made of HDPE PP, a highly durable and quality plastic which is easy to wipe clean and maintain.

Is the toilet seat adjustable?

Yes. The toilet seat lifts up to a maximum 90 degree angle.

How do you dispose of the waste?

Simply dispose of the waste by removing the cassette via the rear exterior of the log cabin. This area is closed off with a sliding WPC hatch ensuring a clean and tidy finish. Lift the cassette using the handle that has been moulded into the plastic to ensure ease of handling. Alongside this, there is a colour-coded indicator on the front of the toilet basin which will change to inform you that the cassette is getting full, and may need emptying. Once you have taken the full cassette from the hatch, rotate the orange spout and empty the waste either to a domestic toilet or a legal waste ground.

How large does the hatch need to be?

An aperture of approximately 43cm x 34.5cm needs to be carved out on the exterior rear end of the log cabin, where you can then gain access to the water disposal cassette. There is a WPC sliding plate that needs to be fitted between the uPVC hatch framing to ensure the hatch can be opened when required and closed when not in use.

How much water does the fresh water tank hold?

The tank holds a large total of 17 litres of fresh water, which you pour into the white inlet that is located on the base of the water basin.

How do I flush the toilet?

The flush mechanism of our John Toilet works in a way to reduce water waste. The water you have used to wash your hands then travels through to the toilet which you then flush using the orange button, or the manual plunge which is located beside the button.

How do I wash my hands?

In order to wash your hands, you use the large black foot pedal that is on the base of the basin. This will release 220ml of water in one pump, which roughly equates to 70+ handwashes per full tank. There is also an internal 3 litre soap dispenser which you fill up with your chosen liquid soap. To release the soap you need to pump the dispenser which will then release 1ml of soap. Alongside the hand pump, there is a small hand towel rail too.

What can I use to clean my toilet, waste cassette and basin?

As the exterior is made from HDPE PP and the interior bowl is stainless steel you can use any form of toilet bleach, multipurpose spray or wipes to clean the toilet and the water basin. The waste cassette is also HDPE PP which can be cleaned using similar products and warm water.

Have a question?

Where possible, additional extras ordered separately will be delivered using a third party courier or even Royal Mail parcel delivery for small items.

This will not always be possible when items are large or require specialist transport such as timber treatments. In these situations, our Despatch department will contact you to arrange a delivery date and delivery charges may be incurred.

Q: Where can I find more information?

A: If you have any questions regarding your delivery, you can telephone our Dispatch Team. Contact details for the Dispatch Team of your nearest branch can be found on your order confirmation. If you need to track your delivery or access your manuals in advance of your delivery, you can visit the Customer Log In Area of our website https://dunsterhouse.co.uk/customer-login-area/log-in

Thank you for taking the time to read about our terms and advice during this period. We hope you can enjoy your Dunster House garden product for many years to come.

† Reference to Price on 25th September 2023
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