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    Climbing frame tested for safety
    Safe climbing frame for kids
    Safety as standard
    Our entire range is independently tested to comply with European Safety Standard EN71 and are CE rated. It really is better to be safe than sorry!
    Climbing frame guarantee
    wooden climbing frame
    10 year timber guarantee
    All of the timber in this Climbing Frame or Play House has been pressure treated to ensure it lasts. Unlike some competition, we can offer a genuine 10 year guarantee against wood-eating fungal and insect infestation in pressure treated timber. We’ve also tested our treated timber to the European safety standard EN71-3 to ensure that the chemicals are safe to use on children’s products.
    wooden play frame ground anchor
    timber climbing frame ground peg
    Metal Ground Anchors
    Unlike the pegs that some other companies use to secure their play systems, we sell galvanised metal ground anchors with large diameter metal discs. These ground anchors either come included with the product or can be bought separately. They will be buried in the ground and should provide a solid foundation for your play system. If you find that your compacted soil is not stable enough then the ground anchors can be concreted in with no damage to the material.
    climbing frame garden swing set swing
    garden swing set rope
    10mm Rope on Swings
    We don't use metal chain links which can rust and risk trapping little fingers and hair. Our accessories use 10mm thick rope, pre-assembled with welded plastic joints and are height adjustable.
    outdoor play system swing
    kids play frame swing set swing
    Comfortable Swings
    Our seats are made from moulded thick plastic that doesn't sacrifice comfort or durability.
    timber play system buzz pack
    wooden climbing frame double ended swing seat
    High Quality Accessories - Optional
    We don't offer cheap flimsy accessories, unlike some competitors. Our climbing frame accessories are all designed for strength and manufactured to a high quality standard.
    wooden climbing frame climbing wall
    kids play system climbing stones
    Professional Quality Climbing Stones
    Moulded plastic climbing stones can crack - that's why we don't use them! We only use professional grade materials, as seen on proper climbing walls!
    wooden climbing safety caps
    climbing frames outdoor safety caps
    Rounded Safety Caps
    Nuts and bolts are safely covered up with plastic caps for added protection against knocks, bumps and to prevent catching clothing.
    childrens slide set
    garden slide material
    Extra Thick Slides
    Our plastic slides are thicker and more durable than any other residential plastic slides on the market. You don't even need to build them! Ours are one single piece of plastic rather than a kit of separate parts.
    swing set clamp hooks
    childrens swing hooks
    Clamp Style Swing Hooks
    Our hooks are specially designed to wrap around the timber to help reinforce it. The other type of swing hook that some competitors use is a simple bolt which is drilled through the middle of the timber and can weaken the timber over time as the swing moves back and forth. Our clamp style swing hooks add strength and safety.
    pressure treated climbing frames brace
    wooden climbing frame strong brace
    Strong braces
    To ensure a really solid structure we use multiple braces for added strength. We also prefer to use bolts, rather than screws, at key stress points and even pre-drill these holes to help you get the positioning exactly right and save you time.
    outdoor play system fixing pack
    monkey bar fixing pack
    Free fixing pack
    We include all of the screws, nails and fixings needed to put your Climbing Frame together, not everyone is that thoughtful! So there's no need to worry about the type of screws, or length of nails etc you might need to get started, it's all there in the pack!

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We offer this service on all items that are delivered, we do not offer this on our couriered products. Prices for this service can be found on individual products.

Should you require further information on our standard or assisted delivery services, please contact a member of our Sales Team.

Scottish areas may be subjected to slightly longer delivery turnarounds, please contact us for details.

MaxiFort Frontier Climbing Frame W4.9m x D4.5m

The image above shows a brief reference to how your products will arrive. All of our garden buildings are made from kiln dried quality graded timber, if it is to be stored prior to construction and treatment all parts must be covered to prevent moisture from warping and rotting the timber.

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Average Seller Rating:

This climbing frame was way beyond our expectations for quality and strength, we haven't even used the anchors as not needed in our opinion. The grandkids couldn't wait to get on with it and have not been off it ever since. Erection time was 2 people approx 4 hrs and the instructions were very easy to follow. Erection could of been even quicker if the ladders and climbing wall came pre assembled, however all in all a very superior frame.
By - Gareth Sever on May 10,17

Excellent quality and very easy to assemble. The girls love it
By - Simon Robinson on May 09,17

I purchased this product and it was delivered within 5 days. Two man delivery no fuss at all. Took three family members 6hours to put it up but all the kit was provided and no bits missing- bonus! My girls love it. Thanks
By - Holly Evans on Apr 12,17

Very pleased with our climbing frame. Perfect for 4, 5 and 8 year olds.
By - Jane Reid on Mar 30,17

The climbing frame arrived very quickly after delivery and all items were there as you would expect. It took a friend of mine half a day to install on his own - admittedly he has done these before so would be likely to take someone else longer. The climbing frame looks great in the garden and blends in nicely, not too obtrusive. The children love it - they are coming up for 3 and 5 years old. We plan to put a bit of plyboard at the base of the tower so that it can be used as a sandpit. A steering wheel and telescope would make nice additions for my youngsters! I wanted a dual swing where the children face each other but unfortunately that is not an option, only facing back to back. Very pleased with this.
By - Klaire Lander on Mar 28,17

Climbing Frame is great. Really sturdy and well made, and my six grandchildren aged from 8 downwards all love it, including the furniture which we have put in it. Difficult taking delivery of it, as the driver would not come up my long drive, which the lorry could easily have coped with, so four of us had to carry it a long way all in pieces. It took two professional handymen most of the day to put it together.
By - Miranda Godman on Mar 14,17

This climbing frame is amazing. The slide, climbing wall and swings are all well built and ideal for young children. The kids both love it and the materials are very good quality. Few things to note if you're going to assemble it yourself; It takes time to assemble, and definitely needs two people, so set aside a full weekend Make sure you have a good electric screw driver/drill. There's a number of holes that need to be drilled for small screws - all very easy but I'd hate to do it will elbow grease alone! It comes with 4 ground anchors and sturdy bolts. I set these into the ground with postcrete and they hold the whole structure securely but I would also suggest a couple of strategically placed fence posts set in concrete to support the frame (you'll need to buy some bolts/brackets to attach them) if you have older children - although the instructions say it should not have more than x number of kids on it at any one time, I've yet to find a way to make children obey the rules:-) The instructions are good, but we had a few things to puzzle through, perhaps because I don't read instructions very well but; The way in which the climbing wall grips are attached is not very obvious (drill holes and set the nuts up so that the spikey bits dig into the wood to leave a flush finish on the underside of the climbing wall). We used a mallet to bash them in sufficiently to allow the bolts to bite before tightening them up. Be sure to put the brackets for the swings on "before" you screw the rungs into place - rookie error but very annoying as we needed to unscrew all the rungs to put them on! The monkey bars have two different sized cross beams. Think through which way the whole structure is going to face and make sure you have these two cross beams the correct way around. With that said, if you can build a fitted wardrobe and you enjoy a bit of DIY then you can construct this and your kids will love it.
By - Colin Wilson on Jan 05,17

Product arrived very shortly after ordering, delivery team were brilliant, very helpful and knowledgeable, taking us through a brief overview and giving hints and tips, clearly they have built quite a few in the past. Once we started reviewing the instructions, took me half a day working alone to build some of the standalone items, and then took three of us (Including the wife and Grandad) to build the thing in about 5 more hours working together. Cant stress enough how much better it is to have two drills, one to drill pilot holes and the other to screw in with. - there is no getting away from it this is a huge flat-pack project - but very rewarding... Once built the Climbing Frame is brilliant, and really quite challenging even for older kids, we bought the baby swing for our 1 year old and it really is easy to sway them over and change things as you want. Although the wood is softwood, there is so much of it and jointed so well that its really quite rigid and safe, the main problem is now getting the kids to come in and leave it at night.
By - Carl Croot on Dec 23,16

A great climbing frame for the kids however its a pain to put together. A lot of holes needed to be drilled, which could easily be done as part of the manufacturing process. Also certain sections could also have come pre assembled, like the climbing wall for example. Dunster i would suggest you follow your own instructions and then amend the ones you send out. For example it would be good to dig the holes for the ground supports before you put the climbing wall onto the tower, this would be easier than trying to work underneath it. The little seats inside the bottom of the tower on the instructions it showed them above the wood but in reality they would never fit this way. The ladder rungs, maybe tell people to put them at a slight angle so when you attach the ladder the rungs are straight. There lots of little bits that with better instructions would have saved time putting this up. Lastly the 50mm screws 2 packets different size 50mm screws at no point does it say what ones to use where. Its a good product but i would recommend Dunster take a look at their instructions and and what other advantages they could do to help the customer out, after all these products aren't cheap. Dunster call me if you want i'd be happy to discuss.
By - Barry Lupton on Nov 08,16 Dunster House reply:
Hi Barry. Thank you for your review and your suggestions. We will take them into consideration and have a look into our instructions for our climbing frames.

Excellent item kids love it and it was relatively easy to put up. Fun for the kids (10yr old & 7yr old) cannot fault it at all. Great for the money and delivery was prompt friendly, superb customer service all around.
By - Kelly Cable on Oct 11,16

Great product. Easy to assemble and install over a weekend and the kids love it.
By - Austen Constable on Sep 26,16

Great climbing frame. Amazing quality and appearance. It will last our family years!
By - Becky Bramley on Sep 13,16

Brilliant product. Delivery a bit slow but once the date was agreed everything went to plan. All the bits and pieces were supplied in separate packages and the instructions were easy to follow. The only bit that needed 2 people was fitting the roof otherwise a one-man job. Fort looks great, is very solid and the children love it. Highly recommended.
By - Stephen Grant on Aug 19,16

A fantastic product & one that so far the kids and all of their friends have not tired of using. I personally added felt to the roof as an extra layer of weather proofing and it would be nice to see this included. I think it looks more complete with this. Time consuming to erect but well made and worth the effort.
By - James Abbott on Aug 10,16 Dunster House reply:
Dear James. Thank you for your review and your suggestions that we will take into consideration

I would definitely recommend this play frame to anyone interested in buying it. My kids love it and it is most definitely sturdy, the instructions were easy to follow and told you everything you need to know.
By - Stephanie Soley on Aug 02,16

Ok, seems to be of good build quality. Personally, not really suitable for young (age 4-5) children, as too much space for them to fall from, so had to fit wooden bars to make the area safe. Wrong size screws sent. Some nuts were missing as well, told initially I could get them from a hardware store. After rejecting this offer, they were sent the next day from another branch. Everything otherwise, fitted together well.
By - Daniel Campbell-Baker on Aug 02,16 Dunster House reply:
Dear Daniel. Thank you for your review. As a matter of fact all of our Climbing Frames have been put through rigorous and independent European safety tests and they are all CE rated. As such, you can't modify your climbing frame in any way as it may adversely affect its tested functionality and safety and it will also void your guarantee.

Excellent product and company. Customer service was amazing.
By - Kelly Ritchie on Jul 14,16

By - stephanie alexander on Jul 13,16

I just wanted to say a big thank you to your company. We now have a fabulous safe garden for our son & his friends to play in. His climbing frame keeps him busy for hours on end. The friendly service I received from all at Dunster House was second to none. Could not fault a thing. Delivery Men were also kind enough to help put my delivery in a safe place as I underestimated the size. Please find photos attached of our little project.
By - Stephanie Alexander on Jul 04,16

Excellent product, would recommend! The service was also great with the delivery driver waiting for my wife who was 10mins down the road at the time. Took around 6 hours for two adults to put it together.
By - Andrew Dowley on Jun 21,16

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