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    Climbing Frames Tested For Safety
    Climbing Frames Safety As Standard
    Safety as standard
    Our entire range is independently tested to comply with European Safety Standard EN71 and are CE rated. It really is better to be safe than sorry!
    Climbing Frame 10 Year Timber Guarantee
    Climbing Frame 10 Year Timber Guarantee II
    10 year timber guarantee
    All of the timber in this Climbing Frame or Play House has been pressure treated to ensure it lasts. Unlike some competition, we can offer a genuine 10 year guarantee against wood-eating fungal and insect infestation in pressure treated timber. We’ve also tested our treated timber to the European safety standard EN71-3 to ensure that the chemicals are safe to use on children’s products.
    Climbing Frame Metal Ground Anchors
    Climbing Frame Metal Ground Peg
    Metal Ground Anchors
    Unlike the pegs that some other companies use to secure their play systems, we sell galvanised metal ground anchors with large diameter metal discs. These ground anchors either come included with the product or can be bought separately. They will be buried in the ground and should provide a solid foundation for your play system. If you find that your compacted soil is not stable enough then the ground anchors can be concreted in with no damage to the material.
    Climbing Frame 10mm Rope On Swings
    Climbing Frame 10mm Rope On Swings II
    10mm Rope on Swings
    We don't use metal chain links which can rust and risk trapping little fingers and hair. Our accessories use 10mm thick rope, pre-assembled with welded plastic joints and are height adjustable.
    Climbing Frame Comfortable Swings
    Climbing Frame Comfortable Swings II
    Comfortable Swings
    Our seats are made from moulded thick plastic that doesn't sacrifice comfort or durability.
    Climbing Frame High Quality Accessories Buzz Pack
    Climbing Frame High Quality Accessories Double Ended Swing Seat
    High Quality Accessories - Optional
    We don't offer cheap flimsy accessories, unlike some competitors. Our climbing frame accessories are all designed for strength and manufactured to a high quality standard.
    Climbing Frame Professional Quality Climbing Stones Climbing Wall
    Climbing Frame Professional Quality Climbing Stones
    Professional Quality Climbing Stones
    Moulded plastic climbing stones can crack - that's why we don't use them! We only use professional grade materials, as seen on proper climbing walls!
    Climbing Frames Rounded Safety Caps
    Climbing Frames Rounded Safety Caps II
    Rounded Safety Caps
    Nuts and bolts are safely covered up with plastic caps for added protection against knocks, bumps and to prevent catching clothing.
    Climbing Frames Childrens Slide Set
    Climbing Frames Garden Slide Material
    Extra Thick Slides
    Our plastic slides are thicker and more durable than any other residential plastic slides on the market. You don't even need to build them! Ours are one single piece of plastic rather than a kit of separate parts.
    Climbing Frames Swing Set Clamp Hooks
    Climbing Frames Clamp Style Swing Hooks
    Clamp Style Swing Hooks
    Our hooks are specially designed to wrap around the timber to help reinforce it. The other type of swing hook that some competitors use is a simple bolt which is drilled through the middle of the timber and can weaken the timber over time as the swing moves back and forth. Our clamp style swing hooks add strength and safety.
    Climbing Frames Strong Braces
    Climbing Frames Strong Braces II
    Strong braces
    To ensure a really solid structure we use multiple braces for added strength. We also prefer to use bolts, rather than screws, at key stress points and even pre-drill these holes to help you get the positioning exactly right and save you time.
    Climbing Frames Fixing Pack
    Climbing Frames Fixings Included
    Free fixing pack
    We include all of the screws, nails and fixings needed to put your Climbing Frame together, not everyone is that thoughtful! So there's no need to worry about the type of screws, or length of nails etc you might need to get started, it's all there in the pack!

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Should you require further information on our standard or assisted delivery services, please contact a member of our Sales Team.

Scottish areas may be subjected to slightly longer delivery turnarounds, please contact us for details.

MonkeyFort Woodland W3.8m x D3.4m

The image above shows a brief reference to how your products will arrive. All of our garden buildings are made from kiln dried quality graded timber, if it is to be stored prior to construction and treatment all parts must be covered to prevent moisture from warping and rotting the timber.

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Average Seller Rating:

The climbing frame went together easy. We had it all erected in about 3 hours. It was really straightforward and is really stable. The kids love it. I'd have some 2" 8 screws on standby though as you use around 100-120 and all I got was a bag with 30 in.
By - Tom Owens on Jan 03,18

Absolutely love the monkey fort, delivered in time specified, and we had no trouble assembling with the very good instructions. HOWEVER, beware of the appalling after sales service. Shortly after erecting the frame, a huge storm tore off the roof covering, which had not been correctly put in place. When I phoned to see if I could order another piece, I was advised that even for a piece of soft roofing material, they would be charging me £90 postage!
By - ELIZABETH PETRIE on Oct 14,17

The first thing to say are that the component parts are of good quality and once built, this is a nice fort. The negatives: 1. The black and white instructions are poor. Not the easiest to follow. My suggestion - some color and better pictures of the assembly. 2. Some of the pre-drilled holes (on the platform) were in the wrong place so I had to re-drill these holes for the platform to line up to the other holes 3. It takes around 2 days to build (with some help) - partly due to poor instructions and partly down to the fact the size is awkward. A great product but let down by poor instructions.
By - David Winfield on Sep 12,17

This was a present for our grandchildren and they love it . They are on it all the time
By - Elizabeth Chell on May 25,17

We bought the Monkeyfort play set for our 6 grandchildren, aged from 1 to 12 years. They are all frequent visitors so we thought this would keep them occupied in the garden. They all love it. The older ones challenge themselves on the monkey bars and the younger ones make full use of the slide and swings. It took the best part of a day to erect but it's sturdy and well finished. There are no rough bits of wood to damage small hands. It was delivered within a couple of days and being able to track the delivery driver is bonus. He also text when he was a few minutes away. All in all we consider it an excellent buy.
By - Sheila Small on May 16,17

awsome! i have four kids ages 6, 9, 10 and 12 and they all love playing on it. cant wait to use the slide as a water slide when the hot weather gets here. would definitely recommend this product.
By - Zealah Blackburn on May 10,17

Love the fort, it has everything for a 2 year old and more so will meet needs fir many years tome. Took 2 of us a day to put together. One criticism is that you have to drill screw holes which you would think would be done as part if the production process. Tip, use 2 drills with speed control for drilling and screws as there are lots.
By - Manny Chahal on May 09,17

What a fantastic climbing frame, and it was relatively easy to put together, the instructions actually made sense! The kids love it and will no doubt get loads of use out of it. would defiantly recommend to anyone looking for a good, solid climbing frame
By - Stephen Ormondroyd on Apr 26,17

Very impressed with the whole process, delivery was on time and the delivery men were really helpful. The product itself is so strong and well made, it did take my husband approx 8 hours over three evenings after work to put it together and he's good at these things! Our boys have enjoyed it all year round, looking forward to the summer again now!
By - Lisa Cottam on Mar 02,17

Superb! Quality item and easy to build, bust most importantly, my kids absolutely love it!
By - Douglas Hunter on Jan 27,17

Really please with this purchase (so was our little girl!). The construction of it took a little longer than stated but then again we weren't rushing to build it. It is made of good quality timber and is sturdy once built, definitely ensure you dig in and fix the ground spikes as the A frame will move if you have 2 children swinging together, once I'd dug them in the frame was going no where! Overall very pleased,
By - Steve Bunce on Jan 07,17

Extremely please with this purchase, delivery was excellent. Managed to build it on my own within 1 1/2 days. Kids Love it and i have recommended to Friends.
By - Aaron Lund on Jan 03,17

I bought the monkey fort woodland this year 2016 for my 3 children for there main Christmas present I bought extras too which was the baby seat swing also the number plate and pirate pack and ships wheel it's all amazing my partner put it all together and found it to be fine to do on his own the extras were a nice little touch but not needed my kids are always outside whatever the weather so this was a well worth present for them very very sturdy too was delivered within a week or so too which was good as was told 2-3 weeks the delivery was good as you can track so no red to stay in all day and have a day wasted thanks again
By - Claire Hastilow on Dec 07,16

Wow we are so please with it so are our boys. Still can,t belive it i order on the Saturday and because the lorry was in my area on Tuesday i was able to have it then didn't have to wait 2 weeks ⛧⛧⛧⛧⛧
By - Mandy Young on Dec 06,16

Great service, great product, our 14 month son loves the swing and will years of enjoyment out of it. We shopped around and for overall value and quality this couldn't be beaten. Assemble is a two person job, with good tools and takes the best part of a day, but the finished result is well worth it.
By - Matthew Salter on Nov 27,16

The Monkey Fort has been great for children from 3 upwards. It is very sturdy,hard wearing and safe for lots of them to play on at one time. It is a big structure and took 6-7 hours to put together fully, we cemented in the grips for the swings. It is worth the time needed to build it; our child has not stopped smiling!
By - C Datta on Oct 30,16

Brilliant quality climbing frame, the kids love it.
By - Kimberley York on Sep 29,16

We got the Monkey fort woodland as a new home present to the kids and my 4 and 6 years old love it.. it took 2 of us , 1.5 days to built it up as some part of my garden was on a slope.. Kids are happy and content with it and definitely reducee our trips down to local play ground..
By - Lale Buck on Sep 27,16

This is great, should last us and our friends years. Bit of advice on construction: be sure to use the size of bolt indicated as you won't realise at the start that there are many different sizes. A wooden mallet was very useful when knocking home the final horizontal beam over the swings.
By - Nigel Green on Sep 14,16

Really happy with the end product and excellent quality. Delivery on time and comms good. Assembly took longer than expected and arrived in individual pieces of wood so it was not a case of joining pre-structured frames I expected.
By - Bhavna Hardiman on Aug 05,16

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