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Summer House Ideas For Small Gardens

A garden summer house is the ideal location to escape day to day life! You can transform it into anything. Every garden deserves some love, however big or small. 

Believe it or not, there are many shapes and styles of garden rooms. So, we are here to give you some garden summer house ideas that will suit your garden. Summerhouses tend to sit at the bottom of your garden, giving you a nice amount of lawn and space for other garden furniture.

Corner Summerhouse 

A corner garden room is something to consider as they sit so flush, still giving you a good amount of space to walk around. This style can hold some nice chairs, a small table or maybe a snug style bean bag. There is such a wide variety of corner summer houses that are on the market. 

Lets give you a little flavour of some specific corner summer house ideas, which might help make your decision. 

Vantage 190

The Vantage 190 is approximately 2m x 1.8m. The long windows really allow the light to travel through the whole summer house. Depending on the look you are going for, you can add georgian bars. 

Vantage 190

Vantage 220

The Vantage 220 is a slightly bigger version of the Vantage 190, and it is approximately 2m x 2m. Both these summer houses are ideal for a small seating area, and coffee table where you can put your feet up whilst reading a book, or complete some work on a laptop. 


The Coronet summer house is approximately 2.5m x 2.5m. This style of corner summer house is ideal for a modern contemporary style garden, as well as traditional. The internal space in this small summer house is more generous than you’d think. You are able to get in some armchairs, a table and some storage cabinets. 

Coronet 2525

Garden Log Cabins  

Log cabins are another type of garden building, which can be used as a summer house. This style of garden room is ideal for a garden office, beach hut or simply just a garden retreat. 

Here are some small log cabins that you can convert into your summerhouse. 


The Avon comes in a variety of small sizes such as:

..and many  more!

With a double french door and a wide outward opening window, which can be installed on any of the walls of the cabin, you can work or relax in this simple versatile summer house style without losing too much space in the garden. 

An insulated log cabin is great for all year round use, especially if you love being in the garden whatever time of the year it is. 

Avon Insulated Log Cabin

There are options available to build a summer house in a small garden. Gardens are such an enjoyable place to spend time in, especially during the spring and summer months, so utilize the space you have. Having now discovered garden rooms for small gardens, check out our next article on summer house decor ideas




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