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and always aim to have our unique products arrive in great shape and on time, which is why we maintain a dedicated and specialist team for logistics and delivery

we deliver we deliver
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Why we use our own fleet to deliver our products

Our aim is to deliver your products securely, with a focus on being as reliable as possible. We believe the best way of doing this is by delivering the products ourselves, so in almost all cases, we use our very own ever-growing fleet of delivery vehicles. Also, with 9 UK distribution centres, we keep full control over maintaining our high standards. We only use courier services for small items such as micro-fort climbing frames, accessories and specially-ordered replacement parts.

We believe that all good delivery drivers need a vehicle to match. That’s why we always buy brand new vehicles for our fleet, service them often, and replace them after 3-4 years of use. This way, we keep excuses like “sorry, the van’s broken down” to a once in a blue-moon occurrence. Plus, it helps us to ensure our promises of a reliable service don’t ring hollow.

Our fleet comes in all shapes and sizes

We realise that many of you live in an area where a 40ft articulated lorry is impossible to drive around. This is why we have a fleet of vehicles in various sizes to fulfil the range of delivery-based challenges we face. Almost all our trucks, for example, are small 7.5t models. We also have vans and flat-bed trucks which are both manoeuvrable and capable of transporting heavy loads. We cherish our fleet of delivery vehicles, as we appreciate the key part they play in fulfilling the final phase of your buying process. In fact, because we feel the personality of each of our vehicles reflects so well upon the business, we’ve come across all maternal. Not only have we given each vehicle their own name, but they are always kept clean, sound and never want for so much as a new air freshener! Our fleet of drivers and vehicles deliver our products throughout mainland England, Wales and the South of Scotland. See our locations.

7.5t lorry
3.5t vehicles
18t forklift

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